Historic Neighbourhood Watch Reports




Break In: Overnight Thurs/Fri an attempt was made to break into Woldingham rail station ticket office.

Update: CCTV shows a commuter waiting for a Taxi and breaking in?? British Transport Police will be dealing with this incident.

Suspicious Activity: A white Dormobile with trailer seen with six males in High Visibilty jackets in Southfields rd at 1:00pm Wednesday. Thanks to those who reported seeing this van to the Police, unfortunatly it was gone by the time they attended. (There were there within about 10 minutes and spent time searching).

Please if you see anything suspicious going on call the Police on 08451252222, this will be put out on the police radio and if Clive is in the village he will attend if not the nearest unit will respond.

during the day.
Thursday 11th two cars had their number plates stolen from the council car park by the station between 12:00 and 02:00pm did anybody see anything (see below)
Thursday 11th a blue Citroen was stolen from the car park in Gangers Hill between 17.45 and 18.30.
Friday 12th two vehicles parked in Church Road had their windows smashed - between about 0815 and 0930 (not known if anything was stolen).

Village Hall:
At a time unknown over the past two weeks someone has been on the Village Hall roof and caused damage to some tiles. It is not known if this was Kids or Theft of Lead, as the roof is zinc not lead.

A company called PRESTIGE DRIVES has come to the attention of Trading Standards operating in this area. Please be careful if you come across this company.

Number Plate Theft: There have been many cases of this in the area recently - not just in Wokingham. Now that number plates are not readily available they are stolen for three main reasons:-
Car cloning; Avoiding London congestion charging; Using at petrol stations to avoid paying petrol.
The current method of fixing is not very secure and plates can be removed on seconds with just a screwdriver.Currently there is no locking advise available so the only way to make things more difficult is to replace the existing screws with a nut and bolt. It is easy to do and worth the effort.

Have a safe week and keep your eyes open for potential problems


Crime: Their have been a number of number plate thefts throughout Tandridge this week. Two sets of plates were stolen from cars parked on Church Rd last weekend
Also, Theft of scrap a load of Copper and Lead was stolen from a drive in Lunghurst Rd on Wed 3rd at approx 12:30. A red Vauxhall Frontera was seen.

Van suspect of use in crime seen in the village. - White Transit registration P381GMM gardening work/fly tipping

Good News: A man was detained on the drive of an unoccupied property near The Ridge, suspected of fly tipping. Justice:- to recover his van two days later he was forced to unload it, remove his van from the steep drive and then carry all his rubbish up the steep drive and re-load his van.


The following is the crime report from PCSO Clive and covers the past two weeks:-

Monday 17th a bench saw was stolen in Upper Court Road
Tuesday 18th A Pipeway van was stolen in the Ridge and later recovered in Oxted. (It was unlocked and the keys had been left inside)
Tuesday night 25th a digger was stolen from a building site on The Ridge
Thursday night 27th a car was stolen from Clare Court

Collection of money for sponsored walks Warlingham school: Some kids have been claiming to be collecting money for a sponsored walk for Warlingham school, this is a scam pupils at the school have been told not to go knocking at doors trying to raise sponsorship. On Monday evening in Warlingham an 18 year old male was arrested in connection with obtaining sponsorship money by false representation. A resident contacted police after a male fitting the description of similar recent incidents called at their address telling them that they had sponsored him and demanding money. Police conducted an area search and spotted the male who was searched and arrested. Neighbourhood Specialist Officer, PC Jo Essen is asking for any Warlingham residents who have recently handed money to an unknown young male to report this to Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222.

Sentenced: Persons responsible for stealing a car from Clare Court that was subsequently used in a burglary received an 18month sentence.

Theft from vehicles is very rife in Tandridge and the police are again reminding everyone NOT to leave anything on show in your car. Builders vans are also being targeted.
A number of residents have recently received emails purporting to be from a high street bank. These are scams and should not be answered. If you are in any doubt please ring the bank concerned (not the number shown on the e mail) and they will then ask for a copy to be sent to a special address. Please also send a copy to PCSO Clive on the address below. Remember banks NEVER ask for personal details by e mail.


Friday 14 Sept - a car was broken into in Station Raod and a radio stolen; Saturday 15 Sept: 3 cars were broken into early hours of the morning:- 2 in Park View Rd and one in the Crescent.

There have been more thefts of lead in the area so we are asked to keep our eyes open for any suspicious activity and report it to the police.

Also, there has been a slight shuffle of police personnel in the area and PC Gina Reed is now seconded to Woldingham and Tatsfield.


Again there is little to report this week..
However, there is a suspicious alarm company calling on houses in the area. The police warn to take great care and ensure that any company who call have a proper company name and address and a phone number (not a mobile). If you get a call form someone who you think is dodgy call the police at once please.

The following is from Clive:-
Graffiti: A small amount of graffiti was found on the Scout Hut door
Helicopter Over Woldingham : Sun 2 Sep 07 15:00 Woldingham Road Traffic Collision Evidence gathered

Hoax Virus Email: An email has been circulating claiming to be a virus warning with the subject title either “Invitation”, “Olympic Torch” or “Virtual Card for you”. This is just a hoax and should be ignored and deleted.


We are glad to say that there is no crime to report this week. However:- A white Nissan Cab Star registration N461XRB was seen in the village with the occupants trying to steal from skips. If you see this vehicle please call the police at once. The Tuesday (4th) surgery will be between 2pm and 3 pm. Do pop in if you have anything to discuss or ask Clive.

Take great care is driving up Slines Oak Road towards the Warlingham Road. The verge is very deep and breaking up in places.


Crime: A red ford fiesta had all its windows smashed and a CD player stolen in Church Rd between 2pm on Tuesday and 7.00am on Wednesday.
Suspicious Incident: In the early hours of Tuesday morning a group of "hoodies" and several vehicles were seen in the garden village an unusual place to be. Please let Clive know of any suspicious vehicles or people in this area.

News: A new NSO (Neighbourhood Specialist Officer) Jo Essen has started at Warlingham assisting PC Gina Reed with the Warlingham, Woldingham,Tatsfield areas, she has replaced PC Steve Cochran


Crime: Between Sunday 5th and Wednesday 8th - Marden Park - theft of garden equipment from shed. On Monday 6th - Woldingham - Criminal damage - front drivers window shattered. On Tuesday 8th Halliloo Valley Road - fatal accident between motorcyclist and car. On Saturday 11th - Butlers Dene Road - Theft from motor vehicle.
Please also be aware that there have been a number of thefts, in the Tatsfield area, from outside property and open garages. You are advised to keep garage doors shut at all times and if you are having building work done make sure that materials are not visible from the road.


Crime: On Tuesday a handbag was stolen from a property on the Ridge. It is believed that they gained entry through an unsecured back door. A bag was stolen from a builders in Southfields Rd at approx 1:00pm on Thursday. The van window was left half open. Very close to this time a builders van in High Drive had its side door screwdrivered but no entry was gained. Did anyone see any suspicious vans/cars on Thursday please let the police know

Helicopter: The helicopter was over Woldingham in the early hours of Monday (30th) morning looking for a vulnerable missing person


Crime: On Monday eve/night lead was stolen from the Church roof again, they then returned on Tuesday eve/night and stole what they had not taken on Monday.Did anyone notice anything, I suspect this crime happened in the evening while it was still light. If you saw or heard anything no matter how trivial please let me or the Police know quoting crime ref B/07/16202
Also on Monday eve/night copper was stolen from the radar tower on the ridge, these crimes could be linked.

Good News: Two plead guilty, A person has pleaded guilty for the theft of a digger from Station Rd earlier this year. A person has also pleaded guilty for the theft of a motor vehicle from Woldingham in April this year, and also pleaded guilty to other crimes some of which this car was used in.


Good News this week. - Again, no real crime in the village!
This week's report comes from PCSO Clive. Also, don't forget to go to the Police Action Meeting - 7pm in the Garden Village on Thursday 26th July.

Crime: Last Saturday evening an insecure Carrera Banshi mountain bike was stolen from a garden in Slines Oak Rd. The bike is Red and Silver with BANSHEE written on the frame
Cold Calling: Below is an extract from a letter rec today, please look out for yourself and your elderly neighbours
'We had a flyer through our door from Interlock Paving last week, and at the weekend I had a cold-caller at my house in Biggin Hill. He was scruffy looking with Irish accent, and had a large white van (I have the index at home). He wanted to tarmac my drive, and then said he wanted to buy my camper-van. I reported this to METS as are lots of elderly people in the area. Trading Standards later called me and said that Interlock paving is a 'dodgy' company - the address they provide does not exist, and they do not have the qualifications they claim to have. Trading Standards did a letter drop in the road warning people to avoid the company the very next day'.


No Crime this week.
Helicopter over Woldingham. On Thursday morning the helicopter and a dog unit were deployed after a driver demolished a bus stop and telegraph pole outside Knights Garden Centre and then ran off into the woods.

Other: Results of the PAD (Partnership Action Day) 29th June: One car was towed FROM Woldingham by TDC. The chief constable was also taken round Woldingham. A spot check in Warlingham siezed several cars and a drunk driver


Crime: Sat 30th at about 3.00pm a set of club were taken from Northdowns golf club; Sun 1st at about 2.00pm a set of golf clubs were taken from Woldingham golf club
Monday 2nd at approx 4.00pm a Sky TV van parked UNLOCKED in a drive in Park View Rd had a wallet stolen from the van. A black Mitsibisi 4x4 reg G32MKO was used. If you see this vehicle please call the Police
Wednesday 4th a 4x4 a grey Toyota 4x4 was stolen between 3:30 and 4:30pm from Gangers Hill car park; Friday 6th a car was broken into in Church Road and things stolen.

Terrorism: There is no specific threat to Surrey. Surrey Police is conducting additional patrols, including armed officers, and increasing section 44 searches in busy Public Places. The recent terrorist activity has not been linked to any particular community group. Surrey Police will take action against anyone who victimises any community group or individual. We need the support of the whole community to defeat terrorism. Suspicious activity can be reported confidentially to the Anti-Terrorism Hotline on 0800 789 321. Call Surrey Police on 999 if you have serious concerns about something currently taking place.

Other: Reporting untaxed vehicles to the DVLA can be done on-line see web-site link below. You will need Registration, Make, Model, Colour, Location and postcode (if poss) & Time Seen

Some weeks ago there was a warning about a firm called "County Surfacing" who want to do your drive. One NHW member has reported to me that they are back and having used them a few years ago recommends you do NOT use them. These and other cold callers should not be used.


Cold Calling: This week we have had antique dealer in Park View Road and Compost selling in Butlers Dene Road. Also, N-Power cold selling - I had many calls on this. It turns out they are legitimate, but N-Power sub-contract out the cold calling to another company. I have submitted a complaint to N-Power
Animals: This week a sheep was savaged by a dog. Please remember to keep dogs under control when near animals
Distraction Burglaries: I have been asked to make everyone aware that there has been a lot of distraction burglarys committed in the area. These have been against the vunerable and elderly. Can I ask you all to be aware of elderly and vulnerable people that live near you especially when strangers are in the area whether this be delivering leaflets or even looking for a lost dog.


A fairly peaceful week except:-
Friday 22nd - Garage in Lunghurst Road broken into (approx Midday) and tools stolen. If you have seen anything please report to the police. In addition:
Crime: Burglary - a back door was forced during daylight hours on Wednesday. The property was in Station Rd near junction with Southdown Rd. If anyone recalls seeing anything suspicious please call the Police.
2 cars had windows broken in Church Rd but nothing was stolen, both happened sometime during Monday.


Crime: During the day a builders van was broken into in Park View Rd (Southdown rd end). Approx £10.00 stolen. During Wednesday day/eve a car parked in Church Rd had its quarter light broken, nothing stolen.
Found: I coat with small bunch of keys and a cool bag found at the Green next to Park View Rd
Other: Reporting untaxed vehicles to the DVLA can be done on-line see web-site link below. You will need Registration, Make, Model, Colour, Location and postcode (if poss) & Time Seen

Additional messages: There have been a number of incidents of pick pocketing in the local supermarkets. Particular targets are ladies handbags hanging on or left in trolleys whilst shopping. Ladies BE WARNED!

There is still a lot of crime, in the area, from motor vehicles. Particularly items of value (sat nav, phones and bags) left in view in parked cars. Garden machinery and tools are being targeted - so please make sure your sheds are locked and secure.

Has your dog been micro-chipped - if not please look at www.doglost.co.uk

Police Helicopter - this is now operational 24 hours a day so now can be used between 2am and 8am. If you want to know more please go to the Surrey Police web site and click on "Helicopter over my House".

Stolen off road bike - Suzuki RM5 in yellow. This has been seen in the area - if you spot it please call the police.

An orange coloured pick up E226 VWT has been seen in suspicious circumstances - if you see it please call the police.


Crime: NONE (at time of writing)

Cold Calling: "Nottingham Knockers" - a van load of door to door sellers was dropped of in Tandridge on Thursday morning, Two found in Woldingham I have again received calls from people being offered to have drives re-surfaced by a van with "Motorway Maintenance" written on it. Antique dealers have been in the village two males in a blue car. Surrey Police do not recommend buying from anyone who just turns up at your door.

Other: Off road motorcycles have been seen in the woods near Gangers Hill top car park. Should you see any motorcycles being ridden off road please call the Police on 0845-1252222 then if there is a unit in the area it will try to stop them.

Wed late eve a youths drove a van through Woldingham throwing bottles out of the windows


Crime: A vehicle was broken into on Thursday 31 May at Woldingham railway station and the stereo taken. A reminder to where possible make sure all valuables are locked away when vehicles are parked.
Incidents: On Sunday 27 May a suspicious male was seen in Church Road, possibly an illegal immigrant. Thursday 31 May the postman was stopped in Park View Rd by a male in a silver coloured vehicle and asked the postman to hand over some post. When the postman refused male became aggressive.


Crime: Sunday (13th) the height barrier at the view point car park (The Ridge) was stolen. This may connected with the lead stolen from the Church roof extension on the same day.
Wednesday (16th) at 13:00hrs a van parked in Station Road near the junction with Croft Rd was broken into by a transit van that parked alongside it blocking the road, forced the side door and stole some power tools. Ford Transit M469TVX colour white. Also, bag stolen from builders van at approx 11:30am in High Drive vehicle used was an Astra Max van two males one was blond with no front teeth. Bag recovered in Slines Oak Rd nothing missing as no valuables in it
Last weekend The cable that connected two sets off traffic lights along The Ridge was stolen; A car was broken into in the yard of the stables in Woldingham Rd and a handbag stolen (bag recovered in Kenley); A chainsaw was stolen from Knights garden centre a black Peugeot KS56PXM was used;Found: Have you lost your house phone cordless phone, I have a Talk Talk house phone that was found in Station Rd

Cold Calling: A yellow van "County Surfacing" has been cold calling to resurface drives. Some residents have accepted his offer. Surrey Police would not recommend dealing with anyone one who COLD CALLS

In addition to this I must report that the travellers are on the move towards our area - there will certainly be more activity with "cold calling" and request to repair roofs and drives etc (See above). PLEASE dont use people who cold call. Make a note of the reg no of the van and call the police.


On Sunday afternoon the lead on the flat portion of the new Church Room was lifted and stolen - If any one saw anything please will you call the police as soon as possible.

A Blue Ford Focus reg T309 JUK has been reported acting suspiciously and entering people's drives. If you do see this vehicle please call the police and mention incident number P3287543 as soon as possible.

I have been informed from the Countryside Alliance that the travellers are on the move - 12 caravans have arrived at Clacket's Lane. It is not known where they are heading but they will be looking for a field that is not securely locked. They may also be looking for work - drives, roofs etc. Please be on the lookout and report any suspicious sightings to the police


Crime report :- 09.05 Attempted burglary at a house in Northdown Road; 05/06.05 Damage to and theft from a car in Church Road; 07.05 Theft from caravan in High Drive; 08.05 8-10 youths causing trouble in the car park of Knights Garden Centre.
There have been number of horse and tack thefts just south of the village - Tandridge area.
Travellers have started to move north for the Derby weekend - for field owners make sure that the gates are securely locked.
There have also been reports of travellers asking to repair drives etc. The police advise you NOT to use them and to call the police immediately.


Last Friday at approx 09:00pm a bag was stolen from a car in Northdowns golf club car park (good news contents of bag were recovered by litter pick on Saturday me on The Ridge).
On Sunday between 09:00 and 12:00am at Northdowns golf club the lockers in the locker room were attacked and golf clubs stolen
On Monday night between 23:00 and 01:00am a car was stolen from Clare Court this car was then used in a ram raid in Caterham.

A van was seen searching a skip in Southfields Road.
A bike was found in Station Rd if you have lost or had a bike stolen? It is at Oxted Police Station

Suspicious vehicle:

MK03XMS Dark Blue Ford Mondeo with yellow light on top, two males in yellow jackets offering FREE rides!!! One of the males has black curly hair. If you see this vehicle please call the police immediately quoting ref P3276636. This vehicle has been seen by several people in the village and made off at speed when it saw Clive!

Crime: A tool was stolen from the workmen at the top of Slines Oak Rd (left unattended); A SAT NAV was stolen from a delivery vehicle up a drive in Park View Rd on Wednesday; A white transit type van has been seen taking empty re-cycling bins on Thursday A blue Nissan 4x4 registration AG02AVR was seen entering residents drives. Please contact Police if this vehicle comes onto your property.

Fly Tipping:The View point car park was used again for fly tipping
Incidents: Knockers from Middlesbourgh were asked to leave the village on Thursday, thanks to those who called this enabled Clive to catch up with them before they had been in the village for too long


There have been no further sightings of the large cat. Some people have been receiving phone calls urging you to call back to collect a prize. DONT call back this is a scam to make you call on a premium rate number which will cost you a fortune!

If you do call the police for any reason please ask and insist on an incident number. this ensures that the call is listed on the computer and will be picked up.

Crime: Two cars were stolen from Park View Rd at approx midnight on the 11th. Unfortunately the owners had had their bags, keys and sat nav stolen earlier in Kingston. (So the thiefs had the keys and sat nav home function). Don't have your house as your Sat Nav home function.

Suspicious Activity: A report of persons in the back gardens between Lunghurst Rd and High Drive over the Easter weekend

Good News: The transit clamped in Church Rd has been removed by the DVLA


This is to report that on Sunday afternoon a large animal was sighted in gardens at the village end of Slines Oak Road. Although no positive identification was made it appeared to be a large brown cat the size of a leopard or puma. The police attended with 4 squad cars and a helicopter but no further sightings were made. A thorough check has been made of all zoos and licensed keepers in the area and there are NO reports of any missing animals. If you should see it please call the police without fail.


Crime: A mini digger was stolen from the workmen in Slines Oak Rd last weekend, it was left insecure by the side of the road for the weekend
Graffiti:Due to a selection of paints being left among rubbish "kids" have coated a tree and written on the road behind the shops at The Crescent

Good News: A fixed penalty notice of £60.00 and 3 points was issued to a man driving whilst on the phone in Station Road.


Crime: Mobile phones have been stolen from The Tennis Club and an attempt was made to break into a car parked at the club.
A set off golf clubs were stolen from a property in Park View Road at a time unknown this month SURREY POLICE ADVISE THAT IF ANY VALUABLE ITEMS ARE KEPT IN A GARAGE IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE KEPT SHUT.

Good News: A handbag found by a resident that contained baby scans and photos were linked to a set of credit cards I had found. Meaning the photos could be re-united with their owner (one very happy lady) This was from a crime committed in Kent. Also a wallet lost by one of the council workers was re-united with its owner

This latest scam has just been reoprted from the CSN : WATER SCAM MAY LEAD TO DISTRACTION BURGLARY
It has been brought to our attention by Southern Water Press Officer that there may be another scam operating. The scammer telephones residents informing them that the water services need to call out to check the quality of the water as many areas have polluted water they must not drink. They are trying to contact residents to arrange visits. Southern Water confirm that there are NO problems with water quality and stress the fact that this scam may lead to distraction burglary.Any residents receiving such a call should contact the water company and inform the police.

COLD CALLERS : It is the time of the year when cold callers are particularly active and they are operating in our village and the surrounding area. They are asking to do repairs to drives and house - roofs etc. Remember no reputable workman would call! They are asking to buy antiques, jewellery, paintings furniture etc This could lead to you getting low prices and/or a distraction burglary. Remember if you don't know the person a the door do NOT let them in your house.


Crime: Last Friday at Approx 2pm tools were stolen from a garage from a property on The Ridge (we have a suspect); 3 cars have been broken into in Church Road between last Friday and Sunday

Good News: 3 arrested for theft of a Digger for Station Road, on Wednesday a call from a member of the public alerted Surrey Police, the vehicle was spotted going past Knights Garden centre a quick call on the radio and the vehicle was stopped near Caterham.
1 Arrested for theft of a motor vehicle. A concerned neighbour noticed a suspicious car outside their house, Police attended and arrested one male.
A person well known to Police was escorted out of Woldingham Thursday evening

News: The clamped white van in Church Road was clamped by the DVLA they have promised to move it several times


Theft: Last Friday a Yellow Digger on hire from Jewsons was stolen from a drive in the Garden Village. Wednesday overnight a Dumper truck belonging to pipeway was stolen from the roadside in Southfields Road outside Cranfield. On Monday tools were stolen from builders van in Park View Road (despite them being warned not to leave tools in vehicles).
Car Crime: A car was burnt out at the Water Tower The Ridge on Wednesday evening, thanks to information from residents, this helped identify the vehicle.
Suspicious Activity: I have had three instances of suspicious activity, two on The Ridge one where an attempt was made to force a door, another was an attempt to force a gate.
Then in Northdown Road an attempt was made to force a door at approx 10:20am Thursday.


Crime : On last Friday evening 16th) a group of youths tried to gate crash a party, during this evening Knights Garden centre had some windows broken, Two cars were attacked at the station and Two childrens scooters were stolen from a garden.

Incidents: On Monday a semi-naked man was seen near the top of Gangers Hill (he has been questioned by Police)


Crime: The Burglary that took place on Wednesday 14th in Southfield Road where a BMW was stolen - Thanks to NHW we now know the time it was stolen ( between 12:00 and 12:45) and the fact that it was followed by what has been described to m e as a small white van possibly an Astra van should anyone have any more information however small please let me know.

A car window was broken and a hidden Sat Nav was stolen from a car in the overflow car park at Woldingham station on Tuesday, unfortunately the car had its mounting left on view this is why the car was broken into. Surrey Police advise DO NOT LEAVE SAT NAVS OR MOUNTINGS ON DISPLAY AND EVEN ADVISE TO CLEAN OFF ANY SUCKER MARKS WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR CAR.

Fly Tipping: Over last weekend their was again fly tipping at the view point car park on The Ridge. The council have now removed the rubbish and the height barrier has been replaced.


Crime: Last Saturday a bag was stolen from an unlocked van in High Drive. The bag was found in Upper Court Road. From the same location in High Drive on Thursday at 3.15pm a car window was smashed and a handbag stolen. Please look out for a black handbag with a big G on the buckle, and a grey wallet as I suspect these will have been dumped locally.

In addition one of Clive's cones was taken from outside Woodlea School on Wednesday afternoon - please could he have it back!


Crime: Last weekend an unlocked horse box had a bag stolen from it. (From the bottom of Slines Oak Rd)
Fly Tipping: A load of bricks and rubble have been dumped at the view point car park on The Ridge"
Trading Standards report: there have been a number of bogus callers in our area and it you want advice please call their number - Consumer Direct on 08454 040506


Crime: Tree surgeons working in The Wold had 3 wallets, Driving Licences and Passports stolen from their van.(one bag was found in Butlers Dene Rd). Also, a sat nav was stolen from a residents vehicle parked outside their house in Butlers Dene Rd. Both of these incidents happened on Monday between 10:00am and 11:00am
A car was broken into in the council car park near the station on Sunday between 12:00am and 2:00pm window smashed and vehicle searched. IPOD and CD radio removed


Crime: A builder's trailer was stolen from the front garden of a premises in Northdowns Road over the weekend - time unknown.
Fly Tipping: Fly tipping has happened on Gangers Hill and the overflow car park Church Road near North Downs golf club.
Leaflets: A number of residents have had leaflets put through their doors during the past week. The Police advise that the advertisers should not be contacted or used unless the leaflet includes a land phone number and an address.


Not much this week except a lot of high winds which seem to have kept the baddies inside!
Theft: On Wednesday at about 12:30pm an unlocked builders van parked on a drive on The Ridge had a phone and brief case stolen a small white escort type van was seen leaving the property.
On Thursday at 5pm a handbag was stolen from an unlocked car in Park View Rd a White Transit Van was seen driving off
Unusual Incident: On Monday at aprrox midnight a post box located at the end of a drive in Gangers Hill was "blown up"
Many Thanks to North Downs golf club who looked after a couple after a road rage incident.


After a very quite run up to Christmas it seems its business as usual for the villains.
Crime: 28th December- Handbag stolen from a car parked at North downs golf club at approx 16:40 hours
1st January- Generator stolen from the egg farm Marden Park overnight
3rd January- Bag stolen from a workman's van in Butlers Dene Rd at approx 11:00 am recovered near Southfields rd as it only contained his sandwiches.
Fly Tipping: Two instance one in Lunghurst Rd and one in Church Road
DVLA : The DVLA have been in the area and several untaxed vehicles were clamped in Woldingham.




There have been two small incidents this past week:
4th Dec - someone unsuccessfully tried to break into a store at the new church room
6th Dec - A car window was damaged in Lunghurst Road between 10 and 11.am

Bogus Water Board officials - Once again there seem to be a spate of bogus water board officials targeting elderly or vulnerable residents throughout the area. Please remind your parents/grandparents and elderly neighbours not to open their doors to callers without seeing I.D first. If they have any doubt they should ask the caller to wait outside, shut the door and ring the Water Board - Sutton & East Surrey Water - 01737 772000. If you see anyone knocking door-to-door or acting suspicious please contact the police.

Other "Officials" - There have been reports in other areas of Tandridge of "officials" calling and purporting to be from utility companies and also neighbourhood watch! Neighbourhood watch do not have officials and do not call on household and do not carry any identity.
Check on any "official" who calls and if in doubt do not let them in.

It has been a quiet week in the village except for:-
Fly Tipping at the water tower on the Ridge and at the top car park in Gangers Hill where the gate has also been broken
Criminal Activity - There has been a lot of it in the surrounding neighbourhood:
Sheds and outhouses have been targeted for mowers etc - are yours properly secured and locked?
Horse boxes and trailers have been stolen.
Power tools have been taken from workshops and contractors vans etc.

More Scams: A recorded message is played either when you answer your phone or left on your answer phone asking you to call a phone number. These are of course premium rate numbers - DON'T CALL BACK!! .


Crime: Another vehicle was attacked in Church Rd, near the station, radio and CD's stolen
Good News: A van stolen from Lunghurst Rd a couple of weeks ago has been recovered in Kent
Appeal for Information: An armed robbery took place outside Nat West bank in Oxted last Friday (17th Nov) at 11:45am
If you have any information in relation to:
1. Males acting suspiciously in Oxted or Hurst Green Particularly 3 hanging around together
2. A Blue Peugeot on an "R" plate hanging around or parked up during the last week
3. A blue or green Skoda hanging around or parked up during the last week
Please call Caterham CID on 0845 125 2222


We're glad to say that it has been another quiet week in the Village with just two incidents to report:-
A handbag was stolen from a car in Church Road - the moral to this one is don't leave anything of value on show in the car and a fuel pipe of a car was tampered with - also in Church Road.
The latest scam is now targeting mobile phones - don't return any call is you do not recognise the number - it could be a premium rate number and will give access to your sim card


There have been two incidents reported this week:
A load of tyres was dumped at the view point on the Ridge - many were thrown over the top and so cannot be retrieved. Did anybody see anything?? Secondly, agate was damaged in Church Road.


A red Renault Safrane Reg no R543TCR has been seen in the village. This vehicle has been used in connection with distraction/antique burglaries, Offenders gain access to elderly peoples homes and then offer them a few pounds for valuable items. Beware.
Clive wants to say "Thanks" for all the good information he has been receiving including suspicious car numbers. Please keep the information coming.

FRONT GATES STOLEN LAST NIGHT : The following is an extract of a message received from a resident in Station Road. "I have just reported to Surrey Police that our substantial pair of front gates were stolen during the evening/night (Saturday). Each gate was five foot six inches wide and approximately 7 foot high. They may have been stolen "to order" rather than on speculation.

This is not the first pair to have been taken in the village - hinges must be made secure. Any competent fitter should be able to do this with little trouble.


Last Monday at 11.00 a white Mercedes van was taken in the top part of Lunghurst Road - the keys had been left in whilst making deliveries!!
Good News : A person was arrested and charged in relation to a burglary in Butlers Dene Road.
A prolific car crime offender was arrested at Woldingham station for offences committed in other areas, which probably prevented another car attack at the station.

Identity Theft : A number of dustbins have been stolen in the Woldingham area - it is assumed that his could be in connection with people trying to obtain information for identity theft. Please take great care when disposing of confidential information such as bank and credit card statements, credit cards receipts etc. All of these should be shredded! If you receive junk mail asking you to apply for a credit card these should also be shredded as they could contain personal information. Take great care!


Burglary in Southdown Road - door forced - television and valuables stolen. Around the same time a builder had his bag stolen from an insecure van in Park View Road. Both occurred at about 11:00am on Friday 29th.
Burglary Lunghurst Road (bottom end) patio door broken and valuables stolen at approx 6:15pm on Sat 30th.
Connected to this crime is a stolen light blue/grey BMW estate VU05OJF. There were two sightings of this vehicle being driven by two men in suspicious circumstances. Thank-you to those who reported it. If anyone else has seen this vehicle please contact myself or Surrey Police ref B/06/22079

Theft: The cash box at the chicken farm was attacked eve/overnight on the 29th/30th a small amount of money was stolen
Mobile phone stolen from outside a house in Marden Park (phone left outside to maintain reception)

Other: Thank-you for a call which led to 3 illegal immigrants who were wandering around the Ridge to be apprehended.

Good News: Village shop update 4 people were arrested in connection with the theft from the village shop and another offence committed the same night

September 2006


Saturday 16th, 3 dustbins were stolen from a property in Station Road. This is the third theft of bins this year.
Shoplifting - on Monday evening the garden centre had a shoplifter described as female with red hair driving a red Ford Escort.
Sunday 17th at approx 10:20pm a male was stopped on a push cycle in Station Road near the station when a car containing 3 males stopped and pushed the cyclist to the ground and made off. (not a Woldingham resident)
A pallet of water board fittings was stolen from equipment stored at the water tower on The Ridge between Sat 9th and Mon 11th; A bag was stolen from an insecure van in Park View Road on Tuesday at about 1pm - luckily it only contained a workman's sandwiches. The bag was found and returned to its owner.

If you heard a loud explosion on Monday 11th a WW2 grenade was set off by the bomb disposal squad in Marden Park.

Just one thing to add:- There have been a number of distraction attempts in the Godstone area by men claiming to be form the water board. Take care.


A rear window of a house in Station Road (Crescent end) was broken sometime last week - this is being treated as an attempted break in.
On Thursday an unattended hedge cutter was stolen from a lawn in Butlers Dene Road. (Please inform your contractors to lock up and not to leave equipment unattended).
Two "dodgy people" were stopped and checked near the station - this caused them to leave the village!
A white Nissan Cab Star reg no K943FFL has been seen in the village looking for scrap. As a result of NHW observation, it been stopped and searched by the police. (No further information is available yet).
A firm called "Newpin" is phoning residents in Woldingham asking to clean carpets etc. They have taken our telephone numbers from the book. They have no regard for the telephone preference service. They would not provide a telephone contact number. (TAKE CARE).

August 2006

An insecure trailer was stolen from a front garden in Park View Road (mid way down) on Tue/Wed time unknown. It was pulled out of the front garden across some recently planted trees.
A hydraulic ram was removed from a piece of HIAB equipment from a property in Church Rd on Wed/Thur the thieves would have been covered in hydraulic oil as oil was sprayed everywhere when it was disconnected. They also reversed into a gate while turning and broke it. Did anybody see anything.....

A passing car threw a stone at the bus parked by Northdowns golf club and smashed one of its windows.
The glass of the phone box on the green was smashed (probably by a BB gun or air rifle)
Two golfers at Woldingham golf club were shot at by a passing white Astra van (probably by a BB gun or air rifle).

Tandridge council take over traffic warden duties on the 4th Sept
A new company take over our local bus service on 4th Sept timetable is slightly different
The local police are asking people to extra vigilant as there have been a spate of break-ins in the Tandridge area.


3rd August Bogus callers using fake ID cards in Park View Road
5th August Suspicious activity of a male in Church Road
7th August Attempted break in via patio doors in Park View Road - did not gain access
9th August Suspicious male trying to sell paintings in Station Road

July 2006


PCSO Clive reports:-
On Monday at about lunchtime a gardener in Southfields Road had his bag stolen from his unlocked van. We have had some success as I traced the van down Southfields and as it could not turn up Upper Court Road due to a removal van it went across the golf course and turned right onto The Ridge and then left down Gangers Hill. Most of the property was recovered at various points down the road (and sent for finger prints) except for cash and credit cards.

On Tuesday 25th between 6pm and 8.30pm 900 bales of hay were destroyed by fire at Flint Hall Farm in Flower Lane. The cause is not yet known and is being investigated by the arson squad.
Did anyone see anything? If so please report to the police on 0845 125 2222

We have also arranged for two dumped cars to be removed from behind the Crescent.
Please note that for the next two weeks there will be no Tuesday surgery in the Scout Hut. This is due to police operational reasons.


A quiet week but a naked man has been reported running around the fields in Marden Park!! If anyone has information or sees him again please call the police at once


It has been a fairly quiet week in the village. But: 3 black sacks of rubbish were dumped in Uplands Road.
Friday(14th) a black Mercedes was stolen in High Drive.
14th July -Gardner's tools stolen from Park View Road.

If you have any information on either of these crimes please ring the police on 0845 125 2222


Four incidents to report this week:-

Monday 3rd - the copper lightening strip was stolen from the radio mast on the Ridge
Tuesday 4th - a window was smashed and a handbag was stolen from a car parked opposite the Cresent at 11:45am
Thursday 6th - a wallet was stolen from a builders van in Park View Rd or the Crescent at approx 11:00am
Also a late report from the 14th June - the water workers in Park View Rd had a tool they left unattended stolen

PCSO Clive says "Please do not leave valuables in cars and tell any workmen, the easier it is the more they will come back - lock the van!"

WEEKLY CRIME REPORT 1 JULY: Good News - No reported incidents this week.

Incidents this week are as follows:-
Monday 19th there was an attempt to steal two cars parked for the station in Church Road - they failed but both cars were damaged.
Tue/Wed Overnight the Woldingham golf club had their store broken into. Thieves cut the fence at the bottom of Bug Hill and drove across the golf course to break in.

Fly tipping has occurred in Chalk Pit Lane, Gangers Hill and Church Road overflow car park by the church. If you see any fly tipping please report it to Richard Coles at the council 01883-732853

Friday 23rd two cars were broken into and radios stolen - one in Church Road and the other by the Green.

Lost cat: A large white cat with grey markings and a yellow collar has been lost from Nethern Court Road. If you find it please call Alan or Clare on 01883-653296.

Action being taken:- The camera will be replaced asap in Church Road and large signs have been posted to this effect. The police will be patrolling more often around the station and any car seen with items left on display and unattended will be contacted by the police. This is considered an unnecessary risk and results in avoidable police time. Please make sure your items are not left in the car.

Action for us:-

If you see anything you think may be suspicious please don't hesitate to call the police on 0845 125 2222 - Please only leave a message on Clive's phone if the messaage is specifically for him as if he is off duty no action will be taken until he returns.


The past week has been a quiet one in Woldingham with only one incident:- A car was broken into in Church Road and a stereo stolen.


- A BBQ was stolen from the garden centre Thursday (8th) late afternoon.
- A window was broken and a handbag stolen from a car parked outside a house in Park View Road (Southdown road end).
- Scrap metal was stolen from a premises in the Garden Village a white van was seen making off.
- Travellers have been taking scrap out of skips and anything left lying around from some of the many builders in the village, please warn your builders if you have them.
- Several cars have been keyed in Church Road near the station, only one was reported so I do not know how many were effected.
- A reasonably smart man was going door to door offering tarmac for sale driving a black car

If anyone comes to the door selling do not accept until they have really proved their identy. Under no circumastance let them in the house. If you are at all suspicious don't heistate to call the police.

If anyone had a mountain bike stolen/lost one has been recovered in the village and is currently at Oxted Police station.
Please do not leave any valuables in cars in Church road Clive saw a car with two DVD screens left attached to the back seats of a car, please tell everyone not to make it easy for criminals, if its easy they will come back.

May 2006


Good news! The car stolen last week from the station has been recovered in Nottingham and There are no reported incidents this week!

There have been reports of motor cyclists in Marden Park - if you see one please call the police on 0845 125 2222

There is a knife amnesty until the end of June - this is good opportunity to safely dispose of any old kitchen or carving knives! Just take them to the police station and deposit them in the red bin provided.


The following incidents have been reported for the past week:-

10th - theft of tools from a van in Park View Road.
18th - attempted house burglary in Slines New Road
18th - Theft of Austin Metro from the overflow car park at the station
18th - As previously reported - During the early hours of 18th (between midnight and 6am) there was a serious arson attack on a house in Park View Road. If you saw or heard anything that could be classed as suspicious please call the police on 0845 125222 and quote the crime number B/06?10937 a soon as pos


Last night (17th) there was a serious arson attack on a house in Park View Road. If you saw or heard anything at all that could be classed as suspicious please call the police on 0845 555 111 and quote crime number B/06/10937 as soon as possible.


A small Kabuto digger was stolen from Southfield Road between 24th and 30 th April. It was probably taken away on a trailer.

Two females and two males have been going from door to door selling paintings. When asked if they had a street traders licence they claimed they were not selling - just seeking opinions for an exhibition!

If any one calls at your door selling goods please ask to see their licence and ID. If they have none call the police on 0845 125 2222 or if you feel threatened 999.

Have you committed a traffic offence? If you receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution from the Metropolitan Police suggesting you have committed a traffic offence check it is genuine as the Met Police are warning people that fraudsters are attempting to commit identity theft by using fraudulent forms. The main difference between the genuine forms and the false forms is that the false forms ask you to fill in your details and fax back the form together with a copy of identity documents. The genuine form will NOT ask you to provide any identity documents and you will be asked to return it by post to Traffic Criminal Justice Unit, PO Box 510, London. SW1V 2LP.

The following is a report from Clive:-
"Property was stolen from an unlocked workers car from a vehicle parked on a drive in Lunghurst road. With the advent of the warm weather please ensure you and any workmen secure their cars and do not leave any valuables on display. Following receipt of this report a survey was done today - Friday - in Woldingham and 9 -YES 9 - builders vans were found open with the keys in the ignition!

On Saturday (5th) morning at about 01:00am Woldingham station was badly damaged by graffiti and two cars parked in Church Road were attacked windows being smashed and one being rolled down the road into another.

Good News: Two people have been fined for tipping waste in Ganger Hill many thanks to TDC's Waste Enforcement Officer"

April 2006


Yesterday evening (Thursday27th) between 6pm and 10pm a minibus parked at Woldingham golf club was broken into and sets of golf clubs were stolen
Also a wheelie bin was stolen from a house in Southfields Road on Thursday note it was stolen on rubbish collection day I have reports of a white van with metal caged sides in the area. If anyone saw anything please let Clive know.
Three windows on a VW Passat were smashed on the Ridge between 1330 and 1430 on 22nd.

A small red car called at a house on The Ridge Tuesday night a smart looking couple called at a house in a remote location claiming to be looking for someone. Should anyone have had a similar incident or can solve the mystery please let me know.
A quad bike has been reported to me by several people being driven around fields between Southfields Road and Whistlers Wood please report any sightings immediately to the Police on 0845 125222 or any recent sightings to me. Believed to be under age rider without crash helmet.
If you are able to help with any of these things please call the police on 0845 125222 or if you wish to contact PCSO Clive


The only reported incident this week is that, on Tuesday, a pair of number plates were stolen from a car parked in Church Road by the station. If anyone has any information please contact PCSO Clive

March 2006


1. Friday 17 March afternoon/evening - Burglary in Station Road near the railway station.

2. Attempt Burglary Southfields Road - At approx 10:00pm Monday night an attempt was made to break into a house in Southfields Road an alarm was set off and Police attended. To put peoples minds at rest a dog team searched the area that night.

If anyone saw anything suspicious on either of these, please let Clive know.

Also: A portaloo was stolen from the roadworks at the junction of Slines Oak and Limpsfield Road Wed/Thur

Some good news: Dog that was in a car when the car was stolen in Oxted from a Woldingham resident, several people have asked about the dog he has been found and is fine. Also a person has been arrested for theft from a car at Woldingham Golf club


There has been an outbreak of Graffiti in and around the Garden Village. XXX in red has been painted on garage doors, road signs, footpath signs in the Garden Village and Halliloo Valley golf club gates. The sign posts at Butlers Dene Road and High Lane have also had graffiti.

This happened on Sunday/Monday and again on Wednesday evening. I believe this is related to the movie called Triple X starring Van Diesel. I also believe this is the work of young teenagers, could all parents be aware are your children into the movie, have they decorated their school books with XXX, do they have paint on their hands or clothing, are they in possession of red markers or paint samples.

Please check and contact me in confidence so we can nip this problem in the bud before it becomes a serious matter. I have asked the County Council to clear the Graffiti ref number from the council is 63701752 should you have any questions, but they cannot clean up private property.


1. A Woldingham resident's car was stolen when left in Oxted with the keys in it. Always lock your car and never leave any valuables on display.

2. Fly tipping in Church Road on Wed eve between 7.00 and 8.00 pm - this was a load of rubbish which blocked the road half way up the hill the vehicle must have driven up Church Road towards North Downs golf course, did anyone see anything suspicious.
3. A sit-on lawnmower was stolen from south Southfields Road on Monday night.

4. Six cars were broken into in Clare Court on Wednesday night, has anyone see anything suspicious?

Poacher Problems on the Titsy Estate (Oxted and Woldingham Area) - The poachers are still causing problems in this area,offences occurring late evenings,patrols have been increased... but please keep an eye out.


There have three incidents to report this week as follows:-
" A car was broken into parked on a driveway in Slines Oak Road on Sat 25th late eve.
" A digger was stolen from the road works at the junction of Slines Oak Road and Limpsfield Road overnight Mon/Tue
" Fly tipping Tue/Wed this week some rubbish was left in the overflow car park for North Downs golf club in Church Road

PCSO Clive would like to thank all these vigilant people who have reported the camper van parked in Church Road. It is now under police surveillance.

February 2006


There have been two vehicle incidents to report this week:-
A vehicle left overnight last Saturday/Sunday in Church Road by the station was broken into.
A vehicle was burnt out at the view point on the Ridge.


PCSO Clive has been on half term holiday so we have been looked after by PC Paul Crawshaw and he reports as follows:-
Only one incident to report: On Monday during the daytime the rear windscreen of a Mercedes car parked in the rail station car park was smashed.
This is the only reported incident in Woldingham but it should be noted that there were several vehicles damaged in a similar way the week before in the Warlingham area. A suspect vehicle has been reported, this being a blue coloured pick-up truck, possibly Nissan Cabstar type. It is believed that offenders are using a catapult from the vehicle. Please report any sightings of suspicious activity that may relate to this.


Only one incident this week, - a set of number plates were stolen from a car parked in Southfields Road.


30 Jan - An ornamental cast iron stove stolen from the front of a house in Park View Road (station road end), between the hour of 17:00 and 17:30. This was a heavy object that would take two people to lift DID ANYONE SEE ANYTHING?
Also ayellow Vauxhall Astra was seen in Southview Road dumping glass. When confronted by a local builder it made off across the golf course towards the ridge.
Any help of sighting etc would be much appreciated.

January 2006


A VW Golf parked in Gangers Wood on 21/6 was broken into and goods stolen.If anyone has any information please call PCSO Clive.

SAS Fire and Security Ltd: Following the number of calls received by many of us over the past few weeks I have received the following two notifications. For those who have received calls please may I ask you to see the second point and to contact the Surrey Trading Standards Office

From the local police:- They have received a number of complaints from people receiving calls in the whole of this area (not just Woldingham). The National Security Inspectorate - who regulate the whole alarm industry - have no knowledge of this firm. The police warn - that although appearing to be doing nothing illegal - BEWARE!

From the Trading Standards Office:
Surrey Trading Standards have received reports concerning a company called SAS Fire and Security Ltd, which are contacting Surrey residents in order to sell burglar alarms. We have received allegations that the company claim to be recommended by Neighbourhood Watch and in partnership with the police. Both of these claims are not true. We would like to hear from any customers who have received calls, or purchased an alarm, from this company.
Please contact Paul Reid at Surrey Trading Standards on 01372 371687 with any information you think may be relevant.


There have been no reported incidents this past week. However PCSO Clive is seeking information on two vehicle incidents:-
1. A white car crashed into the hedge on Northdown Road last Thursday. It was stolen and the driver ran away!
2. A silver car was abandoned on Friday in the car park beside St Agatha's.
Please ring him on the usual number if you can help.


There are currently offenders active in the area targeting older and lone residents knocking on their doors and gaining entry by claiming to be from 'Age Concern'. Once inside, the offenders demand money or help themselves to cash, bank cards or bags. Various 'distraction techniques' have been used, but most recently the claim has been Age Concern. Offenders are usually three persons or more, most recently in Caterham it was two males and a female, described as of 'dark European' appearance.

Usual advice stands:
· ALWAYS use a door chain. If you do not have one, get one fitted as soon as possible. Speak to your local police or NHW co-ordinator about getting this done if you are unsure.
· ALWAYS check identification. Any bonafide visitor will not be in the least bit offended, and will be pleased to see you are being vigilant. Do not rely on someone 'looking okay' or just having the right clothing/uniform for their claimed position.
· IF IN DOUBT, KEEP THEM OUT! It's your home, you don't have to let ANYONE in!


For information:- There was a report in the Evening Standard on Friday about a lady having her Range Rover hi-jacked in Morrisons car park. She was sprayed with CS gas and has been treated in hospital.
Also: Approx 1815hrs 05/01/06 in Station Road Woldingham the owner of a Landrover Discovery left the vehicle which contained two young children, to collect a further child. During her short absence a small silver car pulled up alongside and a male passenger from that car got into the Landrover. The male saw the two children in the Landrover and got out and re entered the silver car which was then driven off at speed towards Woldingham village. The male had short dark hair - no further descriptive details.
This emphasises the need for vigilance and care at all times - removing car keys and locking vehicles even when away only briefly, such as when picking up a child, paying for petrol, popping into a shop, etc.



28 December 2005:

The only incident over the Christmas Holiday has been an attempted break-in today (28th). This occurred between midnight and midday today at the building site at the bottom of Upper Court Road. If any one saw anything that coud be helpful please contact PCSO Clive ASAP.

Last week's crimes: A Nissan cab star vehicle was abandoned and set lite to near the top of Gangers Hill. Any information on this incident would be appreciated.

Other: SAS security are a bona-fide company that have been calling Woldingham residents selling security systems they have been spoken in regard to varying from their script and the possibilty of making false claims, they have promised to amend their procedures.

And good news - due to a DNA test a person has been charged with the major burglary, last August, in Park View Road.

17 December:

Please see the following from PCSO Clive: A "SANTA" has been collecting for Marie Curie?? (This has been reported to the police). Don't open your door unless you know who it is and please call the police if you see anything suspicious.

Subject: Sponsorship
Two boys have been in the village pretending to be from Warlingham school collecting money for either an Xmas Fair of a sponsored walk. Warlingham school has no collecting events at the moment.

Also between 09:30am and 13:45 hours on the morning of Wed 14th there was some fly tipping in Church Road approx 300metres from the Station.

The following are extracts from the Tandridge Rural Affairs Officer (Pc Nick Shrapel):-
Poachers - We have problems with poachers in the Ox ted and Warlingham area over the last few weeks.Several vehicles seen by the gamekeeper which may connect.Vehicles have been seen driving around Clacketts Lane (Oxted/Westerham) Titsey Hill and White Lane (Tatsfield/Woldingham Area)
Fly-Tipping - Report from National trust warden of fly tipping problem around the Moorhouse area (Oxted/Limpsfield) rubble and house clearence items dumped.Suspected to occur overnight.

Buy with Confidence Scheme -
This is operated by Surrey County Council Trading Standards department,the scheme supports Surrey's reputable businesses whilst giving much needed protection
To the county's residents.Members of the scheme have been comprehensively assessed by trading standards to ensure compliance with the law and trustworthiness.
For more information vist the web site at www.buywithconfidence.info or telephone 01372 371666

2 December:

The good news is that there have been no reported incidents this past week in the village. The reported "lost" horse has been found safe and well.

Please note the following scams that are currently doing the rounds.

BOGUS COURIER WARNING- from the County Trading Standards Officer
Surrey residents are warned to be on their guard about any post they may receive from a company called Glide Delivery registered at PO Box 46291, W5 3YD.
Surrey County Council Trading Standards officers have had complaints from residents who have received a postcard from Glide stating they need to ring a telephone number to arrange collection of a parcel addressed to them. The card contains a premium rate telephone number charged at £1.50 per minute and calls last for up to four minutes. The card is professionally produced and is a similar design to a Royal Mail collection card.

County Trading Standards Officer, Peter Denard, said: "This company could potentially make a substantial amount of money out of people via this premium rate scam. Our advice to residents, if they receive unexpected mail of this kind, is to be cautious and always check the small print."

BLUE TOOTH from an NHW member. Blue tooth enabled phones allow the user to communicate with other Blue Tooth devises including Laptops,PDA's. It scans the area and as long as the
battery is active it will be picked up on the theieves phone. Recently a number of laptops have been stolen this way.

The police reply is as follows:- "The Surry police advise that valuables such as laptops, phones etc should NEVER be left in cars". "The blue tooth question mainly relates to laptops being stoplen from boots
of cars in large car parks. This is where a person using a laptop in his car then turns it off and places it in the boot. By then the thief has located the car by blue tooth, waits for the person to leave and then steals the laptop"

MOBILE PHONES from another NHW member. If a person rings saying he is an engineer checking the line and asking to press 90 - DON'T If you do so it will access your sim card and let a virus in.

CAR JACKING from an NHW Member If you see a piece of paper like a parking ticket on the back car window do not get out of your car whilst in the car park.Thieves have put it there and wait for you to get in the car, start the engine, see the ticket, get out to remove it - when you get out they jump in and drive off. Just drive off and remove it later. Remember they have your keys and therefore your insurance is no longer valid!

November 2005

26 November:
The only incident was a car broken into in Church Road on Monday 21st November. The police have asked me to remind you NOT to leave anything in your car that could be of value.

The speed watch is now fully operational so please keep to the speed limit through the village.

23 November:
This morning a horse escaped from its paddock and was last seen on the village green. Where it went from there is not known. Was it led into a trailer or did it trot on somewhere else?
This pony is heavily pregnant and was wearing a pink blanket. If you have seen it or anything that could lead to it please call PCSO Clive ASAP.
His voice mail is 01483 482111+10595.

19 November:
I am glad to say that this has been another quiet week.
Theft of Chevron Road signs from Northdown Road . Also, bus stop Knocked over signs pulled down and items thrown into front gardens in the vicinity of North Downs golf club. All believed to have taken place last Saturday night.
A van has been seen in the area searching builders skips, please report any suspicious incidents to the police.

11 November:
On Friday 4th a window was hit in Park View Road by an unknown object.
On Tues and Wed "Nottingham Knockers" were in the village and on the Ridge, they were moved on by myself and Kevin Smith. I would like to say thanks to those who phoned in which enabled us to move them on quickly.

Tools have been stolen from the back of an unlocked van from a vehicle in Park View Road, there have been 3 incidents of tool theft from vans today in the Tandridge area.

4 November:
There is good and bad news this week. First the bad news - the only reported incident this week was a break in at a house in Croft Road on the evening of 28 - 29th October. I understand that not a lot was taken.

October 2005

28 October:
NO reported incidents this week in the village. However I do understand that there was a theft in Marden Park on 20/10.

22 October:
There have been a number of distraction burglaries in the area. This is where one or two men approach a householder (normally an elderly person) and gain access by posing as an official of some sort - Police, waterboard, gas men etc.

Before letting ANYONE in to your house please check their identity.

14 October:
Burglery at house on The Ridge (14 October);
Workman's van stolen in Park View Road last Tuesday (11 Oct) - had the keys left in the ignition. This is the 7th vehicle stolen in the area where the keys have not been taken away!
A stereo was stolen from a car in the station car park also on Tuesday.
A cat was hit by an air gun pellet in Lunghurst Road last week. This is a grave misuse of a firearm

10 October
Sunday 2 Oct - Theft from a car parked overnight in Park Ley Road;
Tuesday 4 Oct - Paint stripper poured over a car parked in a drive at the village end of Slines Oak Road.

5 October

In the early hours of this morning 4 October, a car was deliberately set alight outside a house in Clare Court. If any one has any information please contact the police ASAP.

Also please let the police know if anyone has any information or concerns with reference to the following:


1 October
Mid morning on Friday 23rd tools were stolen from the back of a builders van unlocked and open in Croft Road.
Overnight Friday 23rd a car window was smashed and a stereo stolen from a vehicle parked on a drive at the top of Slines Oak Road.
Could you please ask people to look out for an old Ford Escort ex post office van colour red possibly with ladders on the roof and a "L" registration.
This vehicle has been seen in driveways "looking for scrap" two white males were very aggressive when asked what they were doing.
Fly tipping - a load of concrete has been dumped on the approach to the water tower near whistlers wood.

September 2005

11 September
There have been two incidents this past week:-

02/09/05 Bug Hill 6pm Attempted Burglary Garage door locks broken entry not gained
07/09/05 Lunghurst Road 9.30pm Criminal Damage Front window and damage to premises

4 September
Gilera moped registration V696LGN stolen from Woldingham Station 31/08

Also, beware there are some foreign guys driving around selling cutlery & saucepans door to door. This is a brand, Solingen, which has been the subject of a scam in other countries - you can get information on the web. They are not dreadful but are not as robust as you might think particularly the price of approx. £100 a set. The lids knobs fall off after a while. Despite what is said about a 10 year guarantee, this will not exist as you can't trace the manufacturers or distributers after the purchase.
Also these guys may be up to no good anyway. Registration number is ZH VV 97 (foreign plates on a metallic grey car)

August 2005

24 August 2005
There have been two incidents this past week to report:-
In the early hours a Toyota crashed into a hedge and fence, opposite the Green, causing quite a bit of damage.
The burglary in Parkview Road (previously reported) was committed at a house without an alarm. The Police strongly advise that all houses are fitted with an alarm with 24 hour Central Station Alarm.

16 August 2005

A resident of Park View Road was victim of a burglary which occurred today between midday and 4pm. A single glazed panel beside front door was smashed and entry gained, selective search of bedroom drawers/cupboards mainly for jewellery made, and items removed using a grey 'Wrangler' t-shirt also stolen from the premises to bundle and carry items away. Close proximity to station so possibly made off via gardens then onto train.
If anyone in the area saw anyone at all suspicious, please pass fullest details back to us. If any further info is required please let me know.

4 August 2005

Fly Tipping on Dukes Hill - There was a large amount of rubbish tipped on Dukes Hill blocking access (this has now been cleared) if anyone has seen or heard anything please let me know. I have been trying to trace the source from the addresses left in the rubbish.

Subject: Gravel Scam
There was an attempted scam on an elderly lady in Park View Road (on 1st August) when a man offered to put more gravel on her drive for 50p a metre. After doing the job he demanded £600.When she queried this he started shouting at her trying to intimidate her. SHe called the Police and he fled. He was using a navy blue Tipper lorry. He claimed the male working for him was Lithoanian. Can you ask your members to try and get the number if they see the vehicle in the area and call us.

July 2005

28 July 2005: Last week has not been good:-

Lawn mower stolen from locked shed in The Ridge.
15th Builders tools stolen in Church Road
18th Two lawnmowers stolen from locked garage in Upper Court Road
19th Seat vandalised between 17.00 and 18.00 hours a the Chalk pit view point.

Some "door callers" have been reported to the police who have traced them and found all was well however keep alert and please call 0845 125 2222 if you see any thing suspicious

16 July 2005
Distraction Burglary alert: Between 1635 hrs and 1655 hrs on Wednesday 29th June, in The Greenway, Oxted, two men called on an elderly female stating they needed to turn off her water. One kept her distracted whilst another stole £130 in cash. They made off - direction unknown.
1 - male, white, 5''7" tall, dark hair wearing blue shirt
2 - male, white, slightly taller and thinner wearing a navy top.
Any information regarding this crime, please dial 0845 1252222 and quote crime number B/05/13103.

9 July 2005
Stolen Quad Bikes: Overnight 2nd/3rd/ July stolen from a farm off Woldingham Road, Woldingham, Two Quad Bikes and a Trials Bike.
1) Green Kawasaki KLF 400 Quad Bike
2) Blue Ram R100 childs Quad Bike
3) Red 125cc Trails Motorcycle

A few other crimes have occurred recently:
There was a burglary from a building site house, where tools were stolen from inside an insecure house. This occurred on Station Rd between Thursday 30th June 19:00 to Friday Ist July 0700.
There has been criminal damage to the cricket pavillion and tennis court with a car in the car park being graffittied on as well. This is believed to have happened between Friday 1st 1800 - Saturday 2nd 07:45. Vehicles have been seen in the Glebe area recently, sometimes people are sitting in the vehicles and other times they have been reported to me as using the carparks as a racetrack. If any vehicles are seen, please take the vehicle details and I can run some checks and also take descriptions of any persons present. If these people are behaving in an anti-social then ring the non emergency police number.
Between 1800 sat 2nd July and 1000 mon 4th July, one of the shops on the Crescent had a skylight broken, possibly by people gaining access to the roof.
On Northdown Road, between 3rd-9th July a lawn mower was stolen from a garden shed breaking through a padlock.
On Saturday night 9th July to Sunday morning a van was broken into by the station on Church road, it was displaying £20 worth of change on the dashboard.

June 2005

At 14:20 on Wed 29th June, a works van was interfered with on Park View Road, nothing was stolen although the suspect did enter the front of the vehicle through an unlocked door, and then was seen going into the back. He was then seen getting into a white Ford Escort estate, with a blue stripe, and a noisy exhaust.

A white male aged between aged between 18 to 26, 5ft 7" slim build, wearing a white baseball cap. If anyone has any info please ring the police on 0845 125 2222 or to Kia direct.

Stable Burglary: Overnight 28th/29th June. Entry gained to a secure Tack and feed room in a stable yard off Trevereux Hill, Oxted. The only item that seems to have been stolen is an old dirty towel.

Sat 4 June : Burglar Alert From: Smith, Kevin David 987
Received a call from a resident in Slines Oak Road this afternoon reporting a suspicious white male caller asking where Warlingham Railway Station is !

He left in a black VW Golf HD03GXS this vehicle is suspected to be involved in burglaries in the Tandridge area. Please look out for this vehicle and call Police immediately if you see it.

May 2005

Suspicious activity: On Thursday 26th May a male knocked on a door near The Crescent on Station Road asking where he was and where the nearest train station was, after receiving directions he got on the car and drove off in a new style black volkswagon golf or polo. He was described as IC1(white British) /MOUSEY HAIR/WEARING NAVY BLUE TRACKIE BOTTOMS/LIGHT BLUE T-SHIRT
A new style black golf was seen on High Drive at 12:45 the same day in good condition, with 2 white males in it aged 18-25, they were seen to drive in and out of drives. They were later seen on The Crescent at 13:05 by the same person. The informant was sure that the partial registration was HD03
At 18:45 a new style black golf in a spotless and clean condition was seen driving into High Drive and later out of High Drive at 19:00. There were 2 white males wearing baseball caps (the driver wearing a navy blue baseball cap) in the car with tanned skin. The informant thought that the partial registration could have been GU04.
There was an attempted Burglary in Dormansland on a detached high value property at 15:08 the same day with a new style clean black golf with 2 males in it, this may be related.
Please be on the look out.
Some time ago a house in Church Road had its door bell rung at 3 am. This could be suspicious.
If this should happen to you please ring the police on the non emergency number 0845 125 2222.

Countryside Alert :- STOLEN QUAD BIKE
Stolen over night 23 - 24th May, from a secure metal shipping container in a stable yard in Tatsfield. A Green Polaris Quad bike serial 2961743, together with a mower, brush cutter, hedge cutter and chain saw. Seen in the yard a few days prior to the theft a vehicle described as a red ford pickup with a H prefix.
Chris Aegerter Tandridge Rural Affairs Officer 01737 38 6622

Countryside Alert : Ford Transit R515GHJ
Occupants called at a property in Oxted on Thursday the 19th May and persuaded the house owner to have some work done. This was the usual over priced bodge job; they were calling themselves Lewes Builders, using a red Ford Transit R515GHJ.They have also been going around the West Kent Police area, touting for roofing work targeting older house holders, telling them that there are problems with their roof tiles. In an incident in Tonbridge, a lady stood her ground and refused the roofing work, later having it checked to find there was nothing wrong.
Chris Aegerter: Tandridge Rural Affairs Officer 01737 38 6622

It appears as though there has been a series of car thefts from drives. Please make sure that your cars are locked at all times and that nothing valuable is left on show.

On 11/05/05 at 17:45 a report of a suspicious male on Slines Oak Road knocking at the front door and asking if they wanted their drive tarmacing. The resident took down the number plate a the vehicle a light blue Ford Focus. This read: NC03YVN. The male was white 5ft6" tall, dark curly hair, aged 40, Irish accent, wearing a flourescent yellow waistcoat.
This index has also been seen on a white ford transit van and the vehicle registration has been involved in a number of crimes. If the person in the vehicle makes contact with you, report it to the police on the non emergency number unless it is involved in a crime then ring 999. Give them the make model and registration plate of the vehicle, a description of the person using the vehicle and direction of travel.

On 12/05/05 at 14:50 a male was seen coming out of the side gate which leads to the back of a garden on Butlers Dene Road. He was seen by a the window cleaner that works at the house. The male said he had just cut the grass and said he was the gardener. This house does not have a gardener. The male was white, 6ft average build, aged 30-35yrs old, short brown hair in a trendy style using gel, clean shaven. He spoke with a Liverpool accent in a high voice. He was wearing a khaki green bomber jacket and wearing a light coloured ruck sack over his shoulders and he used a mountain bike to cycle off in the direction towards Halliloo Valley Road.

On sat 14/05/05 between 01:00 and 03:30 a car was stolen off of a drive on Slines Oak Road, this has now been recovered.

The NHW brought up some good information on the crimes on Butlers Dene Road at the beginning of the month. A car number plate was taken down by a resident after thinking that something was suspicious. The car that is believed to be involved in the theft of the motor vehicle (which has now been recovered) was a green rover 200, registration: T636 AGT. If you see this vehicle in the area please ring the non emergency number straight away.

A vehicle was broken into on Church Road on Fri 06/05/05 during the daylight hours. Please help prevent crime by not displaying anything of value in the car, take the face off radios (if possible), get a car alarm. I have leaflets that give a clear message to car owners and passers by.

I will be dropping into the Scout Hut, in The Crescent if anybody wants advice, leaflets etc. on Tues 11-12 and thurs 12-1. If I am not there I apologise but please feel free to leave me a voice mail on 01483 482111 + 10582.

Subject: Countryside Alert - Red Subaru H988GPF
This vehicle seems to be making itself busy in Kent. Tthe following incidents occurred 19/05/2005 in relation to this vehicle :
Cad records relate
KP-20050519-0978 - Sighting at The Hop Shop. Castle Farm. Redmans Lane, Shoreham
KP-20050519-0816 - Sighting in sus circumstances at Four Elms Road, Bough Beech, Edenbridge
KP-20050519-0811 - Sighting Bough Beech Road, Four Elms when believed involved in theft of white Bedford Astravan
KP-20050519-0777 - Sightings in Pootings Road, Crockham Hill
E-mail from Local farmer from at Medhurst Farm, Edenbridge - vehicle H988GPF two male occupants disturbed on farm. Asked directions to a ficticious farm and left scene.

Some of these are only just over the border any sightings in Surrey to me please.
Chris Aegerter: Tandridge Rural Affairs Officer 01737 38 6622

Over the last few days (reported May 15) the National Trust at Limpsfield have had a number of fly tipping incidents. All builders type rubbish which have probably come from the same job. From enquiries made it is possible that a white panel van index V570 MMX is responsible. It would be nice to trace the job on which the builder has been working, so if you see the vehicle parked details of the location please.Chris Aegerter: Tandridge Rural Affairs Officer 01737 38 6622

For up-to-date news see our website at: www.surrey.police.uk

April 2005

Message from Kia:
Sadly there has been a burglary on Butlers Dene Rd, yesterday (29.04.05). This happened during the day between 07:45 and 16:40. If anybody saw any suspicious activity during the day, a car driving around slowly looking for a house or someone knock at your door with nothing in particular to say, please could you you let me know.Also on 20th April, using an implement to deflate tyres on Nethern Court Rd has been recorded, please look out for this behaviour. In fact some tyre slashing has been noticed in Warlingham, so be aware.

Finally please look out for people throwing things off bridges over main roads, if you do see this happening please report this straight away, it may have very serious consequences.

Press release from:-
John Lee PC 920
Tandridge Crime Reduction Advisor
Caterham Police Station
Direct Dial 01883316246
Subject: FW: Police warning on bogus Water Board officials 20 April 2005

Police warning on bogus Water Board officials: Distraction burglars posing as bogus Water Board officials are still tricking their way into elderly people's homes despite numerous warnings from Surrey Police to keep them out. Police are reminding residents to be on the lookout for these and other bogus callers following two recent incidents in East Surrey.

In the most recent on Monday 18 April a man entered the rear door of a house on Crowhurst Lane in Lingfield at around 3.30 in the afternoon. He told the 86 year old victim that he was there to turn off her water before running up stairs. He removed cash, a wallet, and jewellery and then left the premises. The suspect was described as a white male, approximately 22 years old, around 5'3" tall and was of a thin build. He had short dark hair, a short pointed dark beard and was wearing dark coloured smart clothing.

In another similar incident at around 6pm on Wednesday 6 April a man tricked his way into the home of an 87 year old woman and a 71 year old man on North Road in the South Park area of Reigate. He told the victims that there was a problem with the water mains and that he needed them to fill as many pots and pans with water as possible. While they were distracted he removed cash from a handbag and a money box before leaving the property. He was described as a white male around 35 to 40 years old, approximately 6' tall and was of a plump build. He had black brushed back hair, was clean shaven and was wearing a navy suit with a dark coloured shirt.

If anyone has any information about either of these crimes they should contact the East Surrey Burglary Team at Reigate Police Station by calling 0845 125 22 22 or else leave information anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Sutton and East Surrey Water offer a £5,000 reward for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for distraction burglaries.

Crime Reduction Officer PC John Lee said: "Pretending to be from a utility like 'the Water Board' or 'the Gas Company' is the most common technique that these callous thieves use to trick their way into peoples homes and accounted for around 39% of the distraction burglaries in East Surrey last year. We really need to get the message home to people, particularly the elderly who are the most likely targets, that they should never let anyone into their homes without being shown the correct identification. By following a few simple steps this despicable crime could so easily be avoided. I would also ask people to keep an eye out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours and if you see anything suspicious or if you have had a dubious caller at your door, please report it to the police immediately. Call Surrey Police on 0845 125 22 22 or anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. We need your help to ensure these criminals are brought to justice."

Surrey Police advice includes:

· Before opening your door, check who's calling. Use a spy-hole or door chain.
· Check the caller's appearance. Genuine utility workers will generally wear a uniform and drive a company-signed vehicle.

· Ask for identification, which should include a photo.
· If in doubt, phone the company and check, using a number from the telephone directory, not given by the caller. Genuine staff from utility companies won't mind waiting or will call back later.

· If you are worried don't be afraid to say NO. If you believe the caller is bogus, call Surrey Police.

Between Friday 1st and Monday 4th April, Hurst Place, Woldingham Rd had 2 cars broken into taking lots of the interior and wheels; Knights garden centre, had a theft of 2 bay trees and 3 scrubs on Sunday 3rd April between 18:45 and 19:20. The vehicle involved was blue ford escort H126 VGH. Any information would be warmly received. Message from the police:
1. Last Thursday (7 April) there were some thefts from the locker room at the Woldingham Golf Club. If anyone was there and can offer any help please call the police and leave a message for PCSO Kia. The number for, as always, is 0845 125 2222
2. It has been reported that there is a firm called "County Resurfacing" who are cruising the area offering to do drives etc. They have not committed an offence but are using very pressurised selling techniques and being quite abusive. It is strongly recommended that you do NOT purchase from a door to door salesman but seek help from a recognised and known contractor.
3. If you see anything suspicious (white vans etc!) please take their reg no and report to the police ASAP using the non urgent telephone number 0845 125 2222

March 2005

On Monday 21st March 2 cars were broken into. One at Knights Garden Centre and one in Church Road by the station. Unfortunately these were not reported very quickly and we did not get a chance to retrieve the CCTV at the station. The CCTV at Knights was not very clear, but showed a red car that is more than likely a BMW 3 series. These crimes have not been linked although I believe they are related. They happened at roughly 15:15.
An attempted theft of ducks on Butlersdene Rd which has been classed as criminal damage as the gate was sawn in order to get to them on Tuesday 29th March at 14:45. CCTV showed 2 vehicles, a blue ford transit pick up and silver VW transporter van.
Between Friday and today a house of Butlersdene Rd possibly had an attempted break in (this is being reported as we speak).
Someone on Lunghurst Rd received 2 phonecalls where the other person hung up. Please do not answer with anything but 'Hello' and do not give any personal details out on the phone.
If you can help please call on 0845125 2222

A VEHICLE TO LOOK OUT FOR from Chris Aegerter - Tandridge Rural Affairs Officer - A request from Kent Police who are interested in a grey Volvo estate registration F110SPA. This vehicle has been seen or linked to a significant number of incidents and offences in the rural areas north of Sevenoaks and towards the Surrey border. It has been seen to contain three males, one in the 40-50 age group and two younger males possibly as young as 16 years.

February 2005

Weekly crime report dated 26 Feb:
" There have been a number of incidents involving cars in Caterham and Warlingham
" Kia also writes: - "Woldingham Golf Club had 20 kegs of beer stolen from their yard around the back of the golf club between Monday-Wednesday. Also, there had been a report about two afro-Caribbean males driving around in a white van with bobble hats on, but these men have been checked and are working in the area.

" A report of 2 youths (late teens, early 20's) on Mon 21/02/05 at 21:30 hrs on Park View Road near the green hanging around. Descriptions: both wearing blue jeans, both about 5ft9. One stocky, wearing blue hooded top with triangle logo on back by neck (I think this may be umbro) and the other skinny wearing red hooded top. These could be connected to the white J reg Sierra as these people had similar clothing descriptions."

This message was sent Tuesday 22nd February:
" Please keep an eye out for a white FORD Sierra reg no J 986 OUD. This car is wanted by the police and is known to be driving around Woldingham this morning! It has been seen with 4 males. Its presence coincides with various incidents that have occurred in Tatsfield and Warlingham! If you see it please report full details to the police on 0845 125 2222

"Kia writes (19 Feb) ":-
" The following car has been spotted in Woldingham grey 2 door saloon BMW 325i sport with possibly 2 black males in side. This has been spotted driving very slowly and was last seen driving down the Ridge. If Any one has seen or does see this car please ring the0845 125 2222 with number plate, description and which direction it is travelling. And Northdowns Golf Club was targeted last night at 01:10 in early hours of the morning. They smashed reinforced glass to get to metal shutter and opened that. They took lots of golf clubs and waterproof clothing. Could possibly have been a 4x4 involved and drove towards the direction of The Ridge and possibly down Gangers Hill.

" Distraction Burglary for information. Thursday 10th February at approximately 1010hours a male called at the door of a disabled person in Ockleys Mead, Godstone. Stated that he needed to check the water for contamination. No ID offered. Male was let into house with front door left open. Second male appeared in house. Both left a short time after. Home owner discovered large amount of cash taken. Desc: - (1) male white 29 years, medium build, wearing old trousers and jumper both splattered with paint. (2) Male, white, stocky build, wearing blue clothing. Believed made off in vehicle, but no details known. If anyone has any information regarding this please contact 0845 1252222 and quote ICAD P236

" Thursday 10/02/05 At 12:00 on the building site opposite church on station road, a male was seen helping himself to the back of one of the vans, could have been looking for tools. He got into an old grey Mercedes. Male in 20's wearing blue jacket with red and white on forearms and blue trousers, dark short hair. Please can you send this info out to see if anyone saw anything. Also if any residents have any building being done please can you tell them to tell their workers to keep tools locked up securely. Call the police on 0845 125 2222

" There has been a Burglary - Lunghurst Rd on Fri 04/02/05 stole silverware jewellery computer equipment; Theft of golf clubs - Northdown Rd on Sat 05/02/05 while left unattended; Burglary - Northdown Rd on Mon 07/02/05 stole CD's DVD's

" Suspicious activity going on in Woldingham: Another 2 cases of asking where the train station is: possibly a blue vehicle Butlers Dene Rd & Northdown Rd Please can residents try and get descriptions and any number plates Park view road seeing suspicious vehicles on 08/02/05; A black man entering garden on Lunghurst road on Mon 07/02/05 seen by gardener

" There have been a number of car thefts in Whyteleafe and other "petty" incidents in Caterham

January 2005
Message received 31/01/05
There was another distraction burglary on Warlingham last week - with men pretending to be police officers investigating a crime.
Ask for their name and ID and phone the company/police station for proof. If they are genuine they will not mind.
Do NOT let people into your house without checking.

Message received 02/02/05
The following white panel van - index NG53EKU is being used by some dodgy fish salesmen in the area (last seen in Warlingham) they knock on the door and offer you fresh fish for sale. Unfortunately it is anything but. The fish is dyed and unrefrigerated and is unfit for human consumption. There is also the suspicion that they are using this as a front to check out houses to burgle.
A green Landrover Discovery BK54LHF has been seen cruising the roads and is paying too much attention to people drives. If seen please call the police on 0845 125 2222.
The travellers sited in Westerham last week are now on the move. Those encamped on the A22 Caterham Bypass are also on the move. It is not known where they are heading. If you have fields or gateways to paddocks ensure they are properly secured. If you see anything call the police on 0845 125 2222.

This message was sent by Paul Crawshaw 2238 Surrey Police on Monday 17 January.
Yesterday evening a vehicle which had been previously stolen from an address in Sussex was dumped in the Viewpoint car park on The Ridge, and set fire to. It was totally burned out. It was removed the same evening by us. The vehicle was a blue Nissan Cabstar pick-up, with 'bull bars' on the front. If anybody saw the vehicle, and more importantly saw who was driving it, please could they pass any info to me. It would have been driven to the area at around 7pm yesterday.
Our reference is B/05/1087

At 1145hrs Sunday 16 January 2005 a male called at an elderly females address in Westview Avenue, Whyteleafe, purporting to be a police officer and making enquiries regarding a burglary. He entered the house and unlocked the back door. When female went to phone her daughter he made off. Nothing stolen.
Description:- Male White, aged 36 years, 5'5", fair hair, wearing blue/black tracksuit with POLICE on the front.
If you have any information regarding this or any similar incident please call 0845 1252222 and quote crime number B/05/1054

Distraction burglary - Tatsfield 12/01/05
Today at approximately 1000hours two males called on an elderly female's address in Ninehams Road, Tatsfield, stating that they were police officers and asking where she kept her money. Not known at this stage if anything taken. Made off in a black Peugeot, no registration number taken. Only description, two white males, 5'10" aged 38-40years wearing casual clothing. If anyone has any information regarding this or any similar incidents please dial 0845 125 2222 quoting ref P2339391

Distraction Burglary:- Caterham 06/01/05
Distraction burglary by two men stating they were neighbourhood watch coordinators and wanted to check locks. Previously attempted entry before Christmas but access not gained. This incident they barged passed elderly partially sighted female. Handbag and contents stolen.Desc:- 1 male, white 5'8" tall, fair hair thickset, and 1 male, white, smaller and slimmer with dark hair.
Neighbourhood Watch co-coordinators do NOT come and inspect locks etc