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The Glebe


Craigmyle Glebe Cricket Pavilion
Croft Road
Surrey CR3 7EN

General enquiries:

tel: 01883 652335 (Mark Tapley)

Craigmyle Glebe Ltd, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity (No. 305147), owns and manages the playing fields which lie at the heart of the village both geographically and in terms of its everyday contribution to village life. There are facilities for all ages; apart from cricket, soccer and tennis clubs, the pavilion hall and kitchen are available for hire and are particularly suitable for small meetings and children's parties. Enquiries for hire call 01883 652885 (Ian Tansley).

For those who simply wish to enjoy the open environment, there are seats around the Glebe, and for toddlers, a small playground.

Hiring the Cricket Pavilion

If you would like to hire the Glebe Cricket Pavilion please contact Ian Tansley on 01883 652885 for information on prices, terms of hire and bookings.


Tennis Club

Available to members throughout the year with excellent floodlit facilities which are the envy of neighbouring village tennis clubs. For more details please contact - Membership Secretary, Gary Pollak on 01883 652082. The club coach is George Cooper, 020 8657 3680. New members always welcome (junior, individual and family memberships). General enquiries to Gary Pollak on 652082.

Junior Tennis Club

During summer months on Tuesday afternoons: 5-12 year olds from 3.45 to 6.15pm. Friday evenings club night & coaching 12-18 year olds from 6.20 to 7.50pm. Contact Neil Foreman on 650474 for details.

Woldingham Village Cricket Club

New members always wanted for Saturday and Sunday fixtures during the summer. Contact Dion Gomesz in the first instance, on 07775 834674.


The Glebe Council has no wish to restrict the pleasure of dog owners using the Glebe to exercise their dogs but it is their DUTY to advise dog owners that they must respect the sensible Health and Safety rules which apply to public recreation grounds and CLEAR UP AFTER THEIR DOGS. Many young children from Woodlea School now regularly use the grounds for healthy sporting activities and the 123 Toddler Group make full use of the playing fields during the summer months, not to mention the many youngsters using the nursery play area designed for their use. Woldingham residents are fully aware of the nasty diseases caused to children coming into contact with dog mess.

Cricketers' pleasure at saving a boundary with a sliding movement to stop the ball crossing the line and footballers emulating David Beckham's cross-field passes should not have their pleasure spoiled by the lingering odour of dog soil on their clothes!

DOG LITTER BINS ARE PROVIDED AND ARE REGULARLY EMPTIED by Tandridge Council Environmental staff. Please clear up after your dogs and use the facilities provided.


As it enters its ninth decade, Craigmyle Glebe Ltd continues to fulfil its mission of providing the residents of Woldingham with sports and recreation facilities. Our main users are the pupils of Woodlea Primary School, for whom the Glebe is their playing field, Woldingham’s tennis and cricket clubs, the more ‘informal’ users such as the dog-walkers, and of course the children who play in the recently refurbished playground. We also hosted a summer picnic for the village in 2013, an event that is rapidly becoming an annual fixture, and the regular Boxing Day hockey game which has been an annual fixture for some time. Some things do change, however, and sadly we find there are now no junior soccer teams in the area who use our pitches.

Our accounts show a surplus for 2013 of a little over £7,000. Because of the generosity of past residents, and the far-sightedness and prudence of our predecessors on the Craigmyle Glebe Council, we are able to finance roughly three quarters of our annual expenditure of around £25,000 per annum from investment income, with much of the remainder coming from grants and donations. This enables us to charge subsidized fees to our club users and to Woodlea Primary School. However, in doing so, the trustees must tread carefully, taking care to balance the needs of future generations against those of the present, since we are required by our founding documents to provide these facilities in perpetuity. Again, I thank those who donate to the Glebe, and in particular I want to thank Woldingham Parish Council for their continuing support. The Parish Council is consulting residents on a development plan for the village that will include sections on facilities, including facilities for sports and recreations, and the Glebe’s trustees will participate fully in this important community project.

We have been busy this year on several other projects. Firstly, Craigmyle Glebe Ltd did not acquire its land in one fell swoop; instead it pieced its bailiwick together at different times, and from different sources. We therefore took it on ourselves to clear up some anomalies and register our title with the Land Registry under a single entry. I particularly want to thank my fellow trustee David Dickinson for his help in this matter. Secondly, the Council spent some time debating the socalled ‘neglected garden’ behind the Croft Road garage. We have now decided on a plan of action, and have made the planning application with the local authority to permit a change of use. I am grateful to my fellow Council members for their contributions to these projects, and for all their assistance in the administration and smooth running of the company. Finally, Tim Salmon has studied our accounts again this year in his role as the company’s Independent Examiner. We are most grateful to Tim for the time and care he spends on this important function.

Mark Tapley,
Hon. Chairman
June 2014


It has been a busy twelve months for the Glebe's Council members, with several initiatives under way but yet to be completed. Before turning to them however, I am pleased to report on our club activities.

Woldingham Village Cricket Club

An eventful 2009 saw WVCC crowned as 3rd Division Champions of the Surrey Downs League, having topped Division 4 in the 2008, our debut year in the League. But promotion to the 2nd Division has only increased the pressure on us to improve the pitch. We therefore carried out a major refurbishment programme for the square during the off season. Lynn Dunn worked tirelessly to realise our ambitions, and generous donations from Surrey County Council (Tandridge Division), the Woldingham Parish Council and numerous other benefactors were received. In conjunction with an internal Quiz Evening and Caribbean Evening funds were raised up to and beyond the Club's wildest dreams. WVCC is now the proud owners of a vastly improved square and a brand new roller which will address our needs for many years to come.
Attention now shifts to other issues on the priority list. We should be in a financial position to return to the bowling end of the nets by the end of the season and more attention will be paid throughout the season to youth development. Dion Gomesz has consistently spent a lot of his valuable time in this vital area for the future of the Club and a very successful youth competition was held during the 75 year celebrations of the Glebe last July.

Woldingham Tennis Club

Our club currently has about 260 members evenly split between seniors and juniors. This makes tennis one of Woldingham's most popular activities, with more teams competing in various leagues than ever before. The Croft Road courts were resurfaced last year and new fencing erected, while this year we will have new lights to replace the existing 20 year old floodlights. The juniors are well supported, and one - Piers Holt - reached the National Finals this year at the under-12 level.

Woldingham Social Football Club Reserves

This is the name under which our senior football team plays in the Redhill and District League. With one of the worst winters in recent years, we suffered numerous cancelations, but the team managed to score more goals than any other team, had the best goal difference, and missed coming top by just one point! However, we were still promoted to the next division. There is no website for our football team, so please contact Roz Schwarz on 652504 for more information.

The Glebe also played host this year to a junior side based in Oxted on Sunday mornings, and Helen Watt (653566) has organized a popular Year 3 (eight year olds) game each Saturday morning at 9:30. Helen tells me that all local boys in this age group are welcome to join in.


Two local mums, Julie Cornish and Denise Todd, have in the last 18 months brought to the Council's attention the playground. Whilst we can maintain the equipment and surfaces there, we are not in a position to fund any substantial improvements. With this in mind and with the Glebe's support, Julie and Denise have now embarked on a project to improve what is there and to create a play space that provides local youngsters, together with their parents, grandparents and carers, a more exciting, accessible and safe facility within our community. They are researching every aspect of the playground including equipment, access and safer surfaces. They have also embarked on a fund-raising campaign which includes applying to charitable trusts and appealing to local families. To date, they have successfully won the support of a number of village groups and raised awareness across the village.
> Find out more about the playground


Craigmyle Glebe Limited income and expenditure account was close to break-even for the year to 31st December 2009, and therefore down on the modest surplus of the previous year. A part of our investments are in long term funds, on which the income is relatively stable, but part is on short term deposit, and here, our interest income declined sharply. With our finances so finely balanced, the charitable contributions towards the playground and other projects are critical, and I again want to record the Council's gratitude to all those residents who have made contributions this year.

Our New Logo, our Flagpole, and the Spring Flowers

Earlier this year, we held an informal competition within the village to design a logo for the Glebe, and Clare Butler's winning design heads this letter. I should add however that this is the first step in an effort to draw more attention to our recreational facility. Neither entrance to the Glebe makes clear the nature of this facility; indeed near one entrance is a sign saying 'Private Road'. Our next step therefore is to use our new logo on replacement signs at these entrances, which will include reference to the sports clubs, but will also refer to the playground and make clear that others, not just members of the cricket and tennis clubs, are welcome to use the space for their recreation.

We now also boast a new flagpole, near the pavilion, which was only made possible through the generous support of the Woldingham Magazine, and of Robin and Barbara Tozer. Lastly, we saw this year for the first time the spring flowers that were planted in recognition of John Cox's unstinting work for the Glebe over many years, firstly as Treasurer, and then as Chairman.

Council Members

Kip Kypri has served the Glebe as Honorary Treasurer for several years, and is stepping down at the forthcoming AGM. I want to thank Kip warmly for all his hard work and his contribution to the smooth running of Craigmyle Glebe Limited. Ed Cooke will be proposed as his replacement at that meeting. In addition, Julie Cornish and Sarah George will also be proposed, as Playground and Woodlea School representatives respectively. Under our Articles we are permitted a Council of up to nine members, and these appointments would take us to full strength.


I want to thank the many people of the village who help maintain and develop this important village amenity. I have mentioned already our donors, who help us financially. In addition the Parish Council has made grants to support specific initiatives throughout the year. The Glebe's Council members' work is often unseen, but still generously given; they too deserve our gratitude. Lastly, we thank the many members of the Woldingham community - too numerous to mention - who step forward to help on special occasions, such as the 75th Anniversary Celebrations in July of last year. Without them such events could not take place, and the community's enjoyment of the Craigmyle Glebe would be diminished.

Mark Tapley
Hon Chairman
June 2010

For past reports go to > The Glebe - Previous Chairman's Reports