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Woldingham’s dramatic society was founded in 1927 and, with only pause in wartime, has been active with productions every year. We aim to produce one or two full-length plays every year at the well-equipped Woldingham Village Hall – in the past occasional musicals, but these days classic drama, thrillers, comedy and farce. We enter annual one-act play drama festivals as often as we can, principally the Southern Counties Drama Festival and since 2010 the Leatherhead Drama Festival.

We have had some notable successes at these. In recent years Blue Remembered Hills reached the semi-finals of the All England in 2004, and The Dear Departed won at Leatherhead in 2010.

We have a strong social life as well, with play-readings, theatre outings and other events throughout the year. We welcome guests producers and actors from other groups; indeed a number of our members also support other local groups. We are always looking out for and welcome new members, particularly performers, back-stagers, helpers and organisers who are prepared to assist on the committee.

Report from the Southern Counties Drama Festival at the Barn, Oxted 24th February 2017

Our President, David Martin, is mightily pleased to report that our entry, A Little Box of Oblivion, at The Barn, Oxted last week was adjudged best of all the adult plays. Players won the adult prize and Rick Morris won the best actor award. He was most recently in the Woldingham Panto 2017 in January. Warmest congratulations to him and to the whole team:

Director – Pippa Martin – third success in her four festival entries since 2004!
Cast – Berry Butler, Rick Morris, Sarah Greenwood, Ziggi Szafranski, David Martin.
Backstage – Colin Brown, Lorna Brown, Andy Kosminski, Hannah ‘the Scream’ Taylor.

Pippa, Sarah and Ziggi gained nominations in their categories, as did the stage presentation, which includes the set.

In his verbal adjudication Mike Tilbury praised the layout of the set, the use all the actors made of the space and the ensemble work – all areas in which we did well in previous successes – and the restrained acting of the comedy moments. His few suggestions for improvement were penetrating, and far less numerous than for several other entries. He only failed to note the (intentionally) wrecked bench, and to mention Tommy, the tortoise, who is awakening from hibernation to spring greens and retirement at Dene Cottage!

Berry, David and Sarah were also participants in Pippa’s previous successes.

A Little Box Of Oblivion, February 2017 – (left to right) David Martin, Ziggy Szafranski, Sarah Greenwood, Rick Morris, Berry Butler

For further information contact one of the Officers:

David Martin – 01737 763395, moc.d1493159227lrowl1493159227tn@es1493159227uohne1493159227kcarb1493159227.snit1493159227ram1493159227

Hon Secrectary:
Berry Butler – 01883 652448, ku.oc1493159227.tenw1493159227eiv@r1493159227eltub1493159227.yrre1493159227b1493159227

Bedroom Farce, 2008

Bedroom Farce, 2008

Hon Treasurer:
Colin Brown – 01883 652005, moc.n1493159227sm@nw1493159227orbpm1493159227uj1493159227

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Woldingham Players Spring Production - 'Natural Causes'
Woldingham Village Hall, Woldingham Surrey
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Woldingham Players Spring Production - 'Natural Causes'
Woldingham Village Hall, Woldingham Surrey
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