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Woldingham Residents Community Interest Company Call for Volunteers

Sunday 18th & Wednesday 28th February & Thursday 1st March 2018 (10am start on each day)

As many of you will know the area of woodland and downland known as Madeira walk along and above Long Hill is now owned by the Woldingham Residents CIC (WRCIC). The initial group of shareholders is still resolving some of the practical issues associated with the creation of this community asset. One issue is the maintenance associated with keeping the current designated status as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI). This work is undertaken by the Downlands Partnership but we have to pay them for the work they undertake. However we can significantly reduce this ongoing cost by having the Downlands Partnership train local volunteers.
We need to carry out some days of small scrub clearance – by hand and by brushcutting across the whole open area, including the bit below the bridleway, in order to maintain and enhance the biodiversity of the SNCI.

We now know that the Downlands Partnership will carry out this work Sunday 18 February with further work on Wednesday 28 February and Thursday 1 March. The Downlands Partnership and WRCIC would like to encourage local people to join in with their volunteer task days on our site, so that longer term they can be trained to take on some of the management themselves. Having a member of DP staff on site provides expert guidance on the work, plus instruction on safe tool use, tools/gloves, first aid cover, tea/coffee/biscuits. Volunteers working with them would be covered by Surrey County Council’s insurance.

Notices will also be put up on site to advertise this opportunity for local residents to join them to learn about this Site of Nature Conservation Importance and to start to form a group of local volunteers who can help look after this site into the future.

Please join us.

Marc Sculthorpe

Woldingham Residents Community Interest Company
Email address moc.l1519381834iamg@1519381834cic.s1519381834er.dl1519381834ow1519381834

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