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News, views and articles about our village, including advertising by local companies. Comments and contributions welcome.
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Meet the local police and help target their efforts for the next two months. Meeting starts at 7pm in the Village Hall.


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Welcome to the Woldingham Village website

To most of us who live here, Woldingham is a special place. Situated 700 feet above sea level on top of the North Downs, Woldingham is in a recognised area of natural beauty and great landscape value. Surrounded by countryside, how many villages can still be 30 minutes from the centre of London? Indeed, we are still a village with all that a village has to offer except for a village pub! We are privileged to live here.

Park View, Woldingham

We have many social groups and our sense of community spirit is strong. Our vision now is to embrace technology to build on this. Our web site gives us another channel to extend and enhance communication and our sense of community. But it is not only aimed at existing residents, we also hope it will give everyone who knows and loves Woldingham the opportunity to stay in touch with all that's going on here. For anybody who does not know Woldingham, then we hope this gives a flavour for this special part of Surrey. Above all, we hope everyone will enjoy the site!

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here for full calendar

The Players' Events

For their schedule of events go to The Woldingham Players page.


Planning for our Neighbourhood
For some time the four parish and village councils in the CR3 area have been developing their own statutory Neighbourhood Plan as we have felt we cannot leave all our planning decisions to people in Oxted.

The organisers of the Neighbourhood Plan are having a public meeting at 7pm on Friday 12th February at Hillcroft Primary School Chaldon Road Caterham on the Hill to explain why the Neighbourhood Plan is the most powerful response to the Tandridge Local Plan, which is causing such public concern.

If you are concerned about the plans Tandridge are consulting on, come and hear the local experts and learn how we have a powerful way of fighting back. The Neighbourhood Plan will go to a referendum locally and have legal power.

Let us answer your questions and come and hear how together we can reclaim planning decisions for Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe.

Speakers will include Cllr Chris Botten, Chair Caterham on the Hill Parish Council and of the CR3 Forum and Cllr Geoff Duck, Chair of the CR3 Steering Group.

Local plan – get the facts

There are just three weeks left to make your views known about the draft local plan. There has been lots of discussion on Streetlife, Facebook and at various meetings. We thought it might be helpful to set out the key facts.


§  True: Consultants have said there is a need for 9,400 homes across the district.

§  False: The Council says this is the number of homes that will be built.


Tell me more

This evidence (called Objectively Assessed Need or OAN and undertaken by external consultants), which we are required to carry out by the government, looks at lots of factors to decide how many homes are needed. It is not allowed to take into account any constraints to development such as Green Belt, conservation areas, lack of infrastructure etc. It looks at population figures produced by the Office of National Statistics and the household figures produced by the Department of Communities and Local Government.  A complex number of local adjustments are then made to better reflect Tandridge. It is the government’s starting point for plan making, but there is much more to consider before a final plan, including how many homes can actually be delivered, is adopted.


The six approaches in the Issues and Approaches paper set out different illustrations for delivering housing and employment in the next 20 years and they all provide a different theoretical number of homes. It is these approaches we want your comments on. We believe it is important that the consultation gives an idea of the potential outcomes of various approaches in the context of the OAN, otherwise it would be very difficult to consider the pros and cons effectively.


§  True: Many of the sites identified for potential development are in the Green Belt.

§  False: All sites identified will be developed. 


Tell me more

We have no choice, but to consider those sites in the Green Belt put forward by landowners, otherwise we would be challenged by a government Inspector for not being able to demonstrate we have looked at all the options for meeting the number of houses needed. Current government policy recognises the importance of the Green Belt and requires any planning authority wishing to change the Green Belt boundary to show exceptional circumstances.  As part of this consultation we have had to draw up theoretical illustrations to show how housing demand might be met and in doing this we have to include all sites put forward. This does not indicate a plan to build houses in the Green Belt and current Green Belt policy has not changed.


Any decisions on sites which can realistically be developed into specific proposals will only be made once responses to the current consultation have been considered, along with other information such as landscape value. Further consultation will take place before a final decision is made.  

§  True: The Council receives money from developers when new homes are built.

§  False: The Council wants to encourage lots of house building to get more money, especially as it is struggling financially.


Tell me more

At the moment for every new home built, the Council gets money from the government. It’s called New Homes Bonus. The government has announced it is going to change the New Homes Bonus which is likely to reduce the amount the Council receives in the future, so we are not relying on this. These are challenging times financially, but the Council has a planned approach. Keeping Tandridge as a great place to live, work and visit will always be more important than financial incentives put in place by government.


§  True: If councils can’t accommodate the number of houses needed, neighbouring councils may be asked to help make up the numbers.

§  False: The numbers proposed for Tandridge include mass inward migration from Croydon and other London boroughs.

Tell me more

We do work with neighbouring authorities on big issues, such as housing. The evidence currently collected suggests Tandridge will not be able to meet the housing needs identified in the OAN, so we would be unable to help Croydon or other council areas meet their unmet need. We are preparing a plan for our local area and the need within this area.  Housing need operates in a housing market area because people move around without taking much notice of district boundaries. The government’s population projections reflect the flows of people from one place to another as they move around.  We are not preparing a plan to accommodate London’s unmet housing need.


§  True: The Plan's documents do not outline what infrastructure is needed to meet the increase in population and homes.

§  False: There has been no consideration of infrastructure to support the housing need figure of 470 houses a year, 9,400 over 20 years.


Tell me more

This first consultation is just the start and it is through this we will find out what the key issues are for residents for example, infrastructure, access to affordable housing, schools, doctors, transport or jobs. As the plan moves through the process other evidence around transport and infrastructure will be taken into account. We have published initial findings from infrastructure providers so you can tell us whether what we think we know is right.

So how can I have my say?

Please read the Our Local Plan - Issues and Approaches document which sets out the six options we have drawn up and highlights areas we want comments on. There are also lots of technical documents which have been produced to provide information to create the six options.


Visit our website www.tandridge.gov.uk/localplan to register and have your say by 26 February, e-maillocalplan@tandridge.gov.uk or write to Local Plan Consultation, Tandridge District Council, Council Offices, 8 Station Road East, Oxted RH8 0BT.

Speed Watch



We are in urgent need of volunteers and a co-ordinator to become part of the team to help monitor speeding vehicles through our Village.  Training will be provided.

If you are concerned with the level of speeding traffic and have time to spare please contact:

Karen Newman, Parish Clerk on 01883 371266


The Woldingham Code

> click here for a copy of the code

New Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan Website

> click here to visit the new Neighbourhood Plan website

Woldingham Village Facilities and Organisations

We are compiling a list of these village assets. We believe we have confined this list to what is in the public domain. If you have any additions or corrections to suggest, please contact Terri Waghorn at terriwaghorn@yahoo.com.

We are also compiling a list of businesses including those that are home based. Please contact Terri with details, indicating clearly whether you consent to public listing or to private listing only (ie just for Parish Council records and for communication with you).

Click here for the current list > Village Facilities


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Police Surgery

This is normally held in the Scout Hut every Tuesday morning.

Calling the Police

If you see anything suspicious or need to call the police please call either:
999 for emergencies
0845 125 2222 for non urgent matters

Police Information

> www.surrey.police.uk
The police hope to have a more detailed page for our area in the future.

Neighbourhood Watch Alerts

> Recent Reports
> Historic Reports

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Waste Awareness

Surrey´s local authorities have come together to create the 'Surreywaste.info' website. It provides the most comprehensive information on waste management in our county:
- Information on the waste issues facing us in Surrey today
- Information on what local authorities are doing to face those issues
- Information on how you can help Surrey
> Find out more

Parking Enforcement

Tandridge Council have now taken responsibility for street parking. Parking attendants will become more visible in the area. They have released the contact details to report parking infringements: e mail parking@tandridge.gov.uk or 01883 732771 Barbara Saunders Parking Services manager.

Woldingham Speed Watch

This is now operational and working well. We would like some more volunteers please. You will be given police training. You work in pairs for one hour a session. All we ask is for one session about every 5 weeks. Please help - contact PCSO Henry or David Locket 653181
> More information on the reduced speed limits coming to the village

New to the Village? Thinking of Extending?

If so, you need to be aware of (1) the Woldingham Village Design Statement, (2) the Woldingham Character Assessment ,and (3) the Woldingham Design Guidance. All have been adopted as policy by Tandridge District Council. They are available on the Tandridge Council website via the links shown below. If you are contemplating any building works or removing any trees, either you or your architect/surveyor needs to apply and refer to these policy guidelines in your application statement. For further information please contact Cllr. Frank Myers on 01883 653371.
>Woldingham Village Design Statement
>Woldingham Character Assessment
>Woldingham Design Guidance

Booking the Village Hall

If you are interested in booking the hall, you can call the bookings secretary (LIz Aggiss) on 653106.

Surrey CSN Trading Standards Alerts

Don't forget, if you are approached by cold callers or you are aware of cold callers operating in your area this should be reported to Consumer Direct on 0845 4040506 and the Police.
> Surrey CSN Trading Standards Alerts

Do you have an alarm?

We have been asked to remind you that if you have any sort of alarm it is a legal requirement to register the key holders of your property. This is done with Surepol who can be contacted at 0870 161 1212 or on www.surpol.co.uk or a registration form can be collected from Clive at his usual Tuesday surgery.

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library visits Nethern Court Road fortnightly. Don't forget - anyone can join the Woldingham Mobile Library free of charge. Up to 10 items per user at any time with a loan period of 4 weeks. There is an extended loan period of 8 weeks for holidays.You may request up to 2 books per visit if they are in the County library stock. Contact Mobile Library No. 4 on 07968 832381.
> Mobile Library Timetable

Updates on the Village website

Our intention is give you regular updates on life in Woldingham and particularly progress on developments such as improvements in the Crescent - so watch this space! Don't forget the News Feature (News and Events) where we want to record important events or items of merit in and around the village. If you would like anything mentioned, please let us know e.g. births, marriages and exam successes etc...

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