Woldingham Parish Council Minutes - November 2008


MINUTES of a Meeting held at Woldingham Village Hall, Woldingham on 27 November 2008 at 7.30pm.

Present: Greg Meekings (Chairman) Andrew Barton
Alistair Pirie Nigel Cohen Nicola Howe Frank Myers Rodney Fuller Karen Newman (Clerk)

1. Apologies: Cllrs Marks and Johnson

2. Minutes.
The Minutes of the meeting held on 30 October had been circulated and were signed by the Chairman as a correct record subject to the following amendment:

Change Woldingham Peace Hall to Woldingham Peace Centre
9d change Hual to Haul.

3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Meekings - Owner of the domain Woldingham.com
Cllr Barton - Craigmyle Glebe/Woldingham Cricket Club

4. Matters arising
The following points arose in discussion of the Action List:

Slines Oak island: Cllr Howe will obtain quotes and report back at the January meeting.
Signage: Cllr Cohen advised that the sign had been order and the completion dated was between 8 - 10 weeks.
Dead Beech Tree: Cllr Marks had met with John Osborne and the relevant tree is now marked with an 'X' for removal.
Barrier at view point: The Clerk to liaise with Jeff Jeffery to obtain a replacement.
Cold Calling: Meeting arranged 3/12.
Footpath along Northdown Road: Cllr Howe obtaining quotes and will report back at the January meeting.

5. Planning Matters:
a. A copy of Appendix A was circulated to all members before the meeting. The Council ratified Appendix A. It was noted that a report on 40-42 Hilltop had been sent to Bristol.
b. Infringements: Cllr Pirie advised the meeting that Bob Evans, Head of Planning at TDC had advise Cllrs Myers, Johnson and himself at their recent meeting that TDC were unable to submit monthly infringement reports. Cllr Pirie advised that a letter had been received from Hilary Orr to this effect and it was agreed that Cllr Pirie would draft a response asking for reassurance on how TDC would manage future infringements. Cllr Pirie advised that the background to 2 The Crescent was ongoing.

6. Finance:
a. Payments: The payments as Appendix B were signed and approved.
b. Precept: The Chairman proposed that the precept be increased by £500 from the draft proposed by the internal auditor following the review by Cllrs Meekings and Johnson as agreed to at the last meeting. A vote was taken and approved that the precept be set at £12,840.

7. Highways & Rights of Way:

a. Highways Monitoring and Reporting:
Cllr Fuller had emailed before the meeting the 'draft' hedges letter for households in Slines Oak Road. The Council voted to approve the letter. Cllr Fuller will tailor the letters for every household and the Clerk will send.

8. Reports:
Meeting with Bob Evans, Head of Planning, TDC - 17 November
Cllrs Johnson, Myers and Pirie met with Bob Evans to discuss their concerns about the gradual erosion of the status and force of the TDC planning policies which had particular relevance to Woldingham and the Village Design Statement. Cllr Myers had circulated a report of the meeting to all Cllrs beforehand.

Woldingham Association Meeting: The Chairman advised that himself and Cllr Johnson and attended a Joint Liaison Meeting with the WA. The Chairman mentioned that it was a good meeting and both 'sides' had agreed to work together on joint projects in the future. The Chairman advised that a member of the WA would be invited to attend the Council's planning group discussions.

9. Miscellaneous Matters:
a. Airports: Cllr Myers had circulated the 'Draft' Strategy for Biggin Hill to all Cllrs before the meeting. The Council endorsed the Strategy. Cllr Myers advised that Cllr Marks had also suggested writing to the Surrey Select Committee for the Environment to ask for their support re expansion of Biggin Hill and the Council agreed that this should go ahead.

b. Station Car Parking: Cllr Barton advised that he had spoken direct to Paul Barton to try and get the results of the review and was advised that it was just regarding off street parking. Paul Barton advised that TDC would be looking at reviewing car parking charges which would help fund the CCTV proposed at the car park. The Chairman suggested that the Council should put together a list of what would be practical and not-practical solutions for further discussion.
c. WAG: Cllr Pirie advised that the Management Committee had had a meeting and had decided that the group should not be disbanded as they are still waiting for the planning application to be submitted. It was agreed to removed the item from the agenda until an action was needed.
d. Cold Calling: Cllr Barton confirmed that a meeting will be taking placed on 3 December but confirmed that the signs will be the same size as the NHW signs and will be in the same positions. The approximate cost of the signs and leaflets will be £1,400 and the PC voted in principle to go ahead and support the implementation of the Cold Calling scheme. Cllr Howe queried whether this would affect Charity collections and Cllr Barton will investigate and report back.
e. Northdown Road footpath: Cllr Howe will have quotes ready for the meeting in January.
f. Viewpoint: The Clerk confirmed that a cheque for £400 had been received in the Insurance Company in respect of the claim regarding the vandalism of the noticeboard. It was agreed that the Clerk would speak to Jeff Jeffery regarding the replacement noticeboard.
g. Newsletter: The Clerk confirmed that the newsletter would be posted on Friday. The Council gave thanks to Sue Edwards for her help in putting together the newsletter.
h. Christmas Carols 12 December at 6pm: The Clerk had circulated before the meeting a list of jobs regarding the 12 December. It was agreed that Cllr Pirie would speak to the Choir about attending.

10. Meetings to attend:

11. Correspondence:

12. Any Other Business:
a. Diary: All Councillors completed diary dates for December and January 2009.
b. The Chairman asked Cllr Cohen to arrange for the closure of the Service Road on the 31 December and the 1st January. Cllr Cohen will contact Colin Packington.
c. The Chairman mentioned that the Clerk had put together a publication scheme which will be circulated to all Cllrs shortly for approval.

Meeting ended at 9.20 pm
1 member of the public present part of the time


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