Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood WatchOur village has an active Neighbourhood Watch.

For further information contact:
Jane Torrance
tel: 653149

Weekly Police Surgery

PCSO Rupert Kelley
Every Monday, 10.00am – 11.00am
at the One Stop Woldingham Village Shop, The Crescent

PCSO 12599 Rupert Kelley can also be contacted at:
Voice Mail: 101 extn. 30822

Latest Neighbourhood Watch News:
NEW – Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Website

There is now a Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch website up and running. Do have a look, lots of information and links to various bodies who offer help and advice on security, cold calling, fraud and cyber crime.  It has been set up by the Tandridge Steering Committee, the Secretary of which has been very busy getting in touch with our Road Co-ordinators to obtain input to this website and offering further help and support.

How to Join Woldingham’s Neighbourhood Watch (NW)

How it works: Jane Torrance and her deputy, Jane Cohen, oversee the whole of the NW function in Woldingham. This is not an arduous job.  Jane receives information from the police and other networks in the Tandridge area on crime, cybercrime, bogus callers, car crime etc.  Not everything is applicable to Woldingham but she sends out what is relevant to the NW Road Co-ordinators and they then pass this on to the residents who have asked to be informed.

It costs nothing – if you are not joined up, you just need to find your Road Co-ordinator and ask for your email to be added to their circulation list.  We have an extremely good network of Road Co-ordinators, with very few gaps.  If you would like to know whom your co-ordinator is, please email Jane on moc.t1513614983enret1513614983nitb@15136149831ecna1513614983rrot.1513614983enaj1513614983 and she will put you in touch.  

The NW try to ensure that they keep up with newcomers, but sometimes you slip through the net.  They also would like to think that as part of NW, we care for our senior residents.  There is so much in the way of cyber crime and scams designed to take in those who are not too cyber savvy, so it is important to keep everyone posted.

If you see anything that arouses your suspicions, anything that relates to previous crimes in Woldingham, people acting in an unusual manner, but not an actual crime, you let your Road Co-ordinator or Jane know so they can inform the whole of the village if necessary and you can call 101 if you feel it is serious.  

However, if you do see a crime being committed, and are aware that there is something very wrong, please ring 999 immediately – PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE JANE – she can do nothing; the first priority is to notify the police. The information can then be passed on to the village when the police have dealt with the problem.

Please note Jane’s phone number in the latest printed Local Directory is incorrect – her number is 653149 – not as listed.

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