Year of the Volunteer

September & October’s Nominated Volunteers are
The many people and small groups (past and present) who provide invaluable information and help to those in need in our village

The Good Neighbours Scheme is currently run by Julie Moylan and Janet Tyler. They coordinate volunteer road contacts who make themselves available to help any neighbour who may be in difficulty or in need of help. They also organise the Woldingham Welcome Evening, the next one is due to be held next year. Contact details:
Julie Moylan: 652545 moc.l1524567347iamg@1524567347yelre1524567347bmata1524567347eiluj1524567347
Janet Tyler: 652264 moc.t1524567347enret1524567347nitb@1524567347sdnal1524567347ssarg1524567347.tena1524567347j1524567347

The Volunteer Driving Scheme is currently coordinated by Judy Cable and Charlie Lunn. The Scheme is available to help any resident who needs to specifically attend a medical, dental or optician appointment when their family and friends cannot take them. A number of fantastic local drivers make themselves available to help. Contact details: Judy Cable on 653051

Our Neighbourhood Watch is coordinated by Jane Torrance and Jane Cohen who work hard to collate information from local police sources. The NW was set up around 15 years ago by David Lockett and Jane Torrance and has proved invaluable in keeping residents up to date on the latest security matters. Contact details:
Jane Torrance: 653149 moc.t1524567347enret1524567347nitb@15245673471ecna1524567347rrot.1524567347enaj1524567347

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