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Woldingham Parish Council

Our Parish Council meets at 7.30pm on the last Thursday of every month in the Village Hall (except July & October which are held in the Garden Village). The public is welcome to attend and may speak on any matter before the meeting begins. They should advise the Clerk before the meeting starts that they wish to speak.



30 Jan

7:30pm Village Hall and Police Action Group Meeting (7pm)

27 Feb

7:30pm Village Hall

27 Mar

7:30pm Village Hall and Police Action Group Meeting (7pm)

24 Apr

7:30pm Village Hall

29 May

7:30pm Village Hall and Police Action Group Meeting (7pm)

26 Jun

7:30pm Village Hall

31 Jul

7:30pm Garden Village Peace Hall

25 Sep

7:30pm Village Hall

30 Oct

7:30pm Garden Village Peace Hall

27 Nov

7:30pm Village Hall

>Next Meeting Agenda

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The Government has been consulting on various relaxations of the Permitted Development regulations that would allow the construction of home extensions measuring up to double the current size limits. Extensions of up to 8 metres would be allowed without the need to get planning permission - or even tell the neighbours! The Parish Council finds this unacceptable. For some time we have been campaigning for removal of anomalies in the current regulations and for their disapplication to the Green Belt. The new proposals would greatly increase the threat to the Green Belt around Woldingham. They would also be a big potential threat to the character of the urban part of the village. The claimed economic benefit has been widely challenged. We have issued leaflets encouraging residents to lodge objections to the DCLG online consultation by the response deadline of 24th December and/or to write as soon as possible to Sam Gymah MP, at the House of Commons. Please feel free to quote our arguments if you wish.
>Click here for detailed responses and commentaries.


> Click here to view our strategy paper
> Click here to view our Newsletter reporting on our AGM workshop of 13th May 2010
> Click here to see our presentation on the Neighbourhood Plan given at the 2013 APM


Reviewing planning applications is one of our major activities. To help preserve the character of the Village the Parish Council produced a Village Design Statement (VDS) that has been adopted by Tandridge District Council. Compliance with it ensures that our village maintains its unique desirable character, non-compliance is likely to lead to a failed planning application.
> Click to download the Village Design Statement
> Click to find specific planning application by address
> Click to access Tandridge Planning Website


Any correspondence to the Parish Council should be sent to the clerk at the address below or by email as follows:


Parish Clerk

Mrs Karen Newman
Parish Clerk,
114 Farleigh Road,
Warlingham, Surrey.
e: Karen Newman parish.clerk@woldingham.com t: 01883 371266 (During office hours 9-5pm)



Elections were last held on 3rd May 2012.
> See here for result

Parish Council Documents & Policies

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Frank Myers (Chairman)

Rodney Fuller

Keith Jecks (co-opted September 25th, 2014)
Sally Marks
Keith Newell (co-opted on January 30th, 2014)
Ian Mathers (Vice Chairman)
Alistair Pirie
Clive Tucker
Deborah Sherry (co-opted on January 30th, 2014)

The role of the Council covers planning, highways (including pathways), transport and community facilities & projects. All matters currently being dealt with are included in the minutes of the Council's meetings which are posted on this web site. 

Woldingham Parish Council