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Woldingham Village HallVillage Hall
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The Village Hall, which was the culmination of five years of local effort and hard work, was officially opened on 19th October 1968, and over the years has proved to be the heart and hub of most of Woldingham’s activities. It is used by residents of all ages, and by visitors from far beyond. The annual Christmas pantomime is a prime example of village enterprise and co-operation, and the Players also draw on many diverse talents with their biannual performances. Part of the Village Hall is used regularly on term-time mornings by a Nursery School.

Wedding at the Village HallIt has provided the venue for many social celebrations, for national occasions, such as the Millennium and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and biannual local events like the Horticultural Shows. It has seen public charity events and private family occasions, such as weddings and birthday parties. It continues to be the setting for dinner-dances, concerts, theatricals, antique, craft, art and fashion shows, group study and social days, badminton, short bowls, and keep-fit.

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Seating outside the Village HallThe Woldingham Village Hall held its Annual General Meeting on 7th April 2014.

Chairman Simon Aggiss's Report for 2013 - Once again, a successful year for projects.

A major expense was the replacement of the Main Hall boilers, not only well overdue, but a must as the old ones were getting expensive to run and unreliable. The outside of the Main Hall has been redecorated; also the old wood cladding was removed and UVPVC put in its place; the entrance to the hall had all new soffit installed in UVPVC which will cut down on maintenance; and the "old school" part of the hall had a facelift with new heavy duty plastic gutters and downpipes.

During the time this work was carried out, the walls and woodwork in the old part of the hall had a coat of paint. In doing this, it gave the building a fresh look, which was well received by the nursery school. There was a problem with the drains during the year and this was becoming major, so contractors were called in to resolve the problem - this was done and has been a great success.

This coming year we have two more major expenses to consider - the repairs to 1 Model Cottages' roof, and the installation of one main boiler in the "old school" part of the hall instead of the three existing ones which are old and unreliable.

The hall continues to run well thanks to the hard work of my committee and Liz the booking secretary. My thanks go out to the Horticultural Society for the donation of hundreds of bulbs that they planted in the grounds of the hall. This created a great splash of colour for Spring. Also I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Diane May for her work as treasurer over the past four years, and we are saddened that owing to other commitments she can no longer carry on as treasurer.

With booking continuing to look good into 2015, we hope the success of the hall will continue.

Simon Aggiss, Chairman.


Chairman's Report 2011

Following the success of last year and careful budgeting, the coming year is looking good. The Nursery School has increased in numbers, bookings are firm, and with the introduction of Zumba classes and the Woldingham Ballet School at the Hall, we have a good selection of groups which also include soft tennis for young children, badminton for fun and evening badminton for the more experienced players, all these activities having a positive result on the Hall's revenue.
Throughout the year there has been a steady stream of maintenance work.

The Back Stage dressing rooms had a long overdue coat of paint and two new sets of black curtains have been erected on stage. The work carried out on the brick wall in Slines Oak Road was completed and has survived the winter frost with no ill effects. The flat roof above the foyer has had major work on the outlets which appears to have solved a longstanding drainage problem.

Condensation in the Arthur Herbert and Lecture Room windows was the result of the units breaking down so it was decided to replace them. The glass in the Arthur Herbert room has been replaced and as soon as the weather improves, the two high level windows in the Lecture Room will have the same treatment. The heating in the Main Hall was not working to capacity and on inspection it was discovered that one of the boilers had broken down. Fortunately replacement parts were obtained and both boilers are now working well although their future service life is in doubt as they are approximately 43 years old.
With the help of a grant from the Parish Council and a donation from the Woldingham Horticultural Society, twenty five 6ft and three 4ft tables have been purchased and when funds are available more will be obtained. A picture of Arthur Herbert has been placed in the room named after him as a reminder of his longstanding contribution to the welfare of the Hall.

There have been lengthy discussions regarding the redecoration of the Main Hall together with improvements to the lighting and I am pleased to say that we have sufficient funds to start work on both these projects in August 2012. One major incident was the theft of lead from the old school roof. This has been replaced and anti-vandal paint has been applied as a deterrent to future attempts at theft from these areas.

I would like to thank all my Committee for the work they have done throughout the year. My thanks must also go to Liz our Bookings Secretary for her hard work promoting the Hall and to Hazel Dixon for tending to the Hall's flower beds so we have a splash of colour when seasons permit.

Simon Aggiss


Chairman's Report 2010

The coming year looked bleak owing to the financial state of the economy but the committee and I were determined that with careful planning we could achieve some of the projects that had been proposed for the village hall and grounds.

First and most urgent was the wall in Slines Oak Road which needed a lot of repair work to the brick face and in the meantime general maintenance had to continue with decoration of various rooms, a new rotating fan in the ladies toilet, new curtains for some of the windows in the lecture room, and a new floor in the cloakroom area. All these had to be completed by the end of the summer. At the end of May work started on the lighting gantry and by the second week in June this had been completed. At the same time the Hall received a generous cheque from the Millennium Fund and this money helped to finance the new gantry.

Unfortunately funds at that time did not cover the cost of a refurbishment of the main hall which remains the subject of an ongoing investigation together with replacement lighting in the main hall. By the middle of the year, the grounds of the hall were looking better and a new gate had been installed at one end of the Slines Oak Road car park as a safety feature and a new shed at the opposite end, both at the expense of the nursery school. Other work that had been completed was the exterior painting of 1 Model Cottages.

Back in the hall the old gas hot water heaters had been removed from the dressing rooms and a new boiler installed in their place, together with two radiators. In the workshop a new tap with hose fittings for washing down flats was also added. At the end of October all work that had to be done was completed including the Slines Oak Road wall.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the committee for the work they have put in to keep the hall running smoothly and also Peter Hudson, Hazel Dixon and our booking secretary Liz Aggiss for the work they have done.

Simon Aggiss


Chairman's Report 2009

The year started with very positive thoughts for the future. Following the success of 2008 my Committee and I felt that we must keep up the momentum.

Jeff Jeffery, who is in charge of Projects, pressed on with the first task which was to replace the ceiling in the Foyer, install new lighting and redecorate. This was done without any interruption to the hirers. The next project was the replacement of the two radiators in the foyer and once that had been completed a ramp was constructed for wheelchair access outside the Slines Oak Road door entrance. Both car parks were then resurfaced and the parking bays on the Station Road side had new white lines painted. The foyer ceiling, ramp and Slines Oak Road car park were the subject of tripartite funding, the cost being split equally between the Hall, Tandridge District and Surrey County Councils, and we are most grateful to these bodies for their contributions toward the total cost of over £11,500. The cost of resurfacing the Station Road car park was funded exclusively by the Hall at a cost of over £7,500.

To complement the newly refurbished foyer, 100 new chairs were donated by Surrey County Council thanks to Sally Marks.

The letting of 1 Model Cottage has proved to be a great asset and I am pleased to report that the tenant has signed for a further year.

The general running of the hall and grounds continues - the fire equipment in the building has been checked and the Performing Rights Society Licence renewed.

A new video link for stage productions was donated and installed by the Woldingham Pantomime Group, with monitors in the dressing rooms, stage, and in the Lecture and the Arthur Herbert rooms.
In July work started on the grounds of the Hall - the North side hedge was lowered from five to three metres and on the South side the boundary was cleared. The Village Hall notice board on Station Road was removed and replaced with a new one made by Peter Hudson who also restored the bench in the grounds and the two benches on the podium. We are most grateful to him for his varied skills.
The bookings are satisfactory up to the end of 2010 and despite the heavy expenditure mentioned earlier, I am pleased to report that as a result of careful management there has been no increase in hire charges during 2009, furthermore, the Management Committee have agreed that the hire charges will remain unchanged until the end of June 2010 when they will be reviewed.

Projects for 2010 and beyond
Repairs to the wall (Slines Oak Road ). New lighting gantry which will give operators an improved and safe working platform. Main Hall lighting to be replaced and the Main Hall redecorated. Also the possible refurbishment of the dated kitchen cupboards and work tops.

A note about our volunteers. Diane May is now fully on board as Treasurer, Berry Butler, the Secretary to the Executive Committee, is standing down after many years and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Berry for all her hard work and Catherine Dhanjal has agreed to step in and take Berry's place.

My thanks to Jeff for his work on this year's projects and also to the rest of the Committee. Without their support the Hall would not move forward.

Finally my thanks to Liz for her part in handling the bookings and to Hazel Dixon for all her hard work tending the flower beds in the Hall grounds.

Simon Aggiss
12th April 2010


Chairman's Report 2008-9

I am delighted to report another successful year.

The refurbished toilets have received positive remarks from our hirers. The Committee had looked at tripartite funding from Tandridge District Council and Surrey County Council for the project but in view of the delay that this type of funding involves, the Parish Council generously donated funds to cover the total cost of the toilet refurbishment to expedite this particular project.

Our other major project was No 1 Model Cottages which I was pleased to inform the Committee was near to completion before Christmas and that the new tenants were due to move in at the beginning of the New Year.

As with all buildings, maintenance is on-going and the Village Hall is no exception. A small leak in the Main Hall roof was repaired and in July work was completed on the new stage dimmer pack. Light fittings were replaced in the Arthur Herbert room, Lecture room, Kitchen, corridor and cloakroom area.

In July we welcomed Mrs Diane May who kindly agreed to take over the book-keeping. With the concerns of asbestos in the building, an inspection was carried out and it was reported that the contained areas had not been damaged. They are now being inspected on a monthly basis and a register is kept of the inspections. As the radiators in the oldest part of the Hall were leaking and beginning to rust, it was decided to replace all seven and the work was done during the school holidays.

In October I reported to the Committee that three of the speakers in the Main Hall had expired and it was agreed by the Management Committee that all six would be replaced.

In November bookings continued at a satisfactory rate and despite the current economic climate we have still managed to secure a high percentage of weekend and wedding bookings well into the middle of 2010. We also had a visit from the Tandridge District Council Health and Safety Officer who have given us a clean bill of health.

Projects for 2009 are well under way and include repairs to the boundary wall on Slines Oak Road, resurfacing of the car parks, redecoration and replacement of the ceiling in the Foyer and the installation of a ramp for the disabled at the Slines Oak Road entrance.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for their hard work and also the Bookings Secretary for her invaluable contribution which ensures the smooth day to day running of the Hall.

Simon Aggiss
Village Hall Committee