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Please help to fund essential repairs to the tower of your parish church!

Rainwater gets into the tower of St Paul’s Church in Woldingham in bad weather. If this is not put right, the problem, and the damage it causes, will only get worse. Essential repairs will cost around £68,000, to which the Church will contribute £25,000. Our appeal therefore aims to raise £43,000.

View and print the Tower Appeal Donation Form

What is the problem?
For many years there have been problems with water penetration in the tower. When damage from the explosion of a land mine in the Second World War was repaired the wrong mortar was used to repoint the flints. More recently the lead covering on the roof has deteriorated. Rainwater seeps down between the outer and inner surfaces of the tower walls to stain the inside of the baptistery at the back of the church. Professional advisers say that repairs must now be put in hand, to avoid continuing, and potentially more dangerous, damage to the church fabric.

Why does it cost so much?
The estimate is based on competitive tenders from four contractors. Scaffolding will have to be erected to the top of the tower, which alone will cost nearly £20,000. Substantial repairs are needed to the outside of the tower, its roof and the flagpole supports.

Who should contribute?
We are asking all residents of the Village, as well as other friends of Woldingham, to consider contributing to the appeal. St Paul’s Church is Grade 2 listed, and the finest public building in Woldingham. It was designed by Sir Herbert Baker, one of the most eminent architects of the first half of the 20th century. There is a busy programme of services, including weddings and funerals. Different local groups hold events in the church room. The tower, and its clock, are seen by everyone coming up Station Road into the Village.

Why can’t the church meet the cost?
The church is funded entirely by donations and legacies. It will make a substantial contribution to the cost of the tower project, but its limited resources are also needed for the running costs of St Paul’s and St Agatha’s, and for its charitable activities.

How much should I give?
Please be as generous as your resources allow. Provided that you pay basic rate tax, Gift Aid will apply, so that every pound given will be increased by 25p at no cost to you. A permanent record of those donors who so wish will in due course be displayed in the Church Room.

View and print the Tower Appeal Donation Form

  • Christopher Roberts (653125) or Peter Johnson (653338) will be happy to answer any questions.
  • Zsuzsanna Chappell will regularly post news of the Appeal on Facebook.
  • Please send, or deliver, your completed forms and cheque to Derek Harris, Appeal Treasurer, Southdown, The Green, Woldingham CR3 7BA Tel: 01883 652160.
  • Queries related to Gift Aid should be addressed to Tim Salmon, Treasurer, Woldingham PCC, Woodside, Slines Oak Road, Woldingham CR3 7BH Tel: 01883 653166.
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