Butterfly & Glow Worm Count Results

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Results of the Big Butterfly and Glow Worm Counts 2018

The Woldingham Magazine and Woldingham.com wish to thank all who participated in our Big Butterfly and Glow Worm Counts in July. The very warm temperatures we have had this summer have been particularly great for our butterflies.


53 were spotted throughout the Village in multiple locations.


Brimstone 2
Brown Argus 2
Chalkhill Blues 100
Comma 5
Common Blue 68
Dark Green Fritillary 4
Gatekeeper 45
Green Veined White 15
Holly blue 3
Large Skipper 2
Large White 31
Marbled White 55
Meadow Brown 120
Painted Lady 1
Purple Emperors 4
Ringlets 15
Silver Washed Frittillary 5
Small Copper 5
Small Heather 6
Small Skipper 3
Small Tortoiseshell 1
Small Whilte 28
Speckled Wood 1

Your observations have been sent on to the appropriate National Surveys for inclusion in their national count. We look forward to running the count again in 2019 and seeing what impact this dry hot summer has made on these two species.

WebmasterButterfly & Glow Worm Count Results