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Hedera Helix An issue that has arisen recently is possibly not a Parish Council but one that does have an impact on our environment and the way we view our …

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Could a grant help your part of our community?

Webmaster Parish Council

Roundabouts at the playground, disabled access to the Glebe, the Church Fete, these are all examples of the ways Woldingham Parish Council has supported the local community through grants, the …

WebmasterCould a grant help your part of our community?

Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan – The Result

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It is a resounding YES for adopting the Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan. The result is now confirmed on the Tandridge District Council website: http://www.tandridge.gov.uk/YourCouncil/Elections/neightbourhoodplanref.htm 85% yes, 33.4% turnout

WebmasterWoldingham Neighbourhood Plan – The Result