Planning Decisions – May 2020

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2020/132 Birchwood Lodge, Woldingham Road, Woldingham CR3 7LR Demolition of all existing buildings.Erection of two bungalows   WPC  : Objection           Application Outcome: Approved   2020/347 Summerhayes, Lunghurst Road, Woldingham CR3 7EJ Erection of decking to …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – May 2020

Planning Decisions – March 2020

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2019/1932 Aboyne, Slines Oak Road, Woldingham CR3 7BH Replacement two-storey dwelling with detached garage including demolition of existing dwelling WPC Recommendation: No Objection Application Outcome: Approved 2019/2201 The Knoll, Park …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – March 2020

Planning Decisions – February 2020

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2019/1381 Graylings, Camp Road, Woldingham CR3 7LH Variation of condition No. 2 (Approved Plans) of planning permission: 2017/2412 dated 08/02/2018 to allow for various internal and external alterations (Demolition of …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – February 2020

Planning Decisions – January 2020

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2019/1637 9 Beulah Walk, Woldingham CR3 7LN Erection of detached dwelling including demolition of existing incorporating roof terrace to rear, formation of additional hardstanding and extension of driveway.   WPC Recommendation: Objection  Application …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – January 2020

Planning Decisions – November 2019

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2019/1366 Upper Court, Northdown Road, Woldingham CR3 7BD Two storey extension to existing detached garage WPC Recommendation: Objection Application Outcome: Refused 2019/1469 Westgarth, Park View Road, Woldingham CR3 7DN Two …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – November 2019

Planning Decisions – October 2019

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Other Applications recently notified by Tandridge District Council 2019/1673/TCA Newlands House, Park View Road, Woldingham CR3 7DH Sycamore (T1-T5) – reduce all round by 1.5m and thin canopy by 20% …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – October 2019

Planning Decisions – July 2019

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2019/443 Birchwood Farm, Woldingham Road, Woldingham CR3 7LRErection of a stable block involving demolition of existing stable and hay store WPC Recommendation: No Objection    Outcome: Approved 2019/762 Atherfield Lodge, Park View Road, Woldingham CR3 …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – July 2019

Planning Decisions – June 2019

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2019/900 Paddock Barn Farm, Godstone Road, Caterham CR3 6SF Change of use of the land at Paddock Barn Farm to a green burial ground with two new buildings on the …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – June 2019

Planning Decisions – May 2019

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2019/271 Whealhaven, Southdown Road, Woldingham CR3 7DPProposed side and rear extensions to ground floor, and extension to roof to accommodate enhanced living areas WPC Recommendation: Objection  Application Outcome: Approved 2019/384 The Old Rectory, Park …

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – May 2019

Letter regarding Land for Sale in Long Hill

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Please find below a letter sent by Councillor Keith Jecks to the original auctioneers of the land currently being promoted for sale in Long Hill. Please note – the letter …

WebmasterLetter regarding Land for Sale in Long Hill