Coronavirus – Woldingham is mobilising to help!

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Article by The Woldingham Magazine

Our Good Neighbour Scheme is on the Alert

As we go to press Government announcements have indicated that self-isolation is a real possibility for some of us who unfortunately become infected or suspect that they might be. Woldingham needs to be prepared to support our lonely, older and more vulnerable residents if these events occur.

Luckily, we have The Good Neighbour Scheme, originating more than 30 years ago through our Parish Church, that can act as an umbrella unit and move into action. Now a community wide organisation it just ticks away in the background regularly providing help to the vulnerable in times of harsh weather, illness or lack of mobility.

Being aware of those most in need, who are often too proud to ask for help, is key to the success of this scheme as are volunteers to provide assistance.

So – if you need help, or know someone that does, with shopping, transport or would just like a friendly phone call and a chat please call either:

Alison Mead (652580 M: 07754 666991)
Janet Tyler (652264 M: 07787 575 277 )
or Rev Catherine (652192 M: 07768 065 301)

Each of these individuals have been trained in Safeguarding issues and are alert to the requirements of codes of practice relating to this but are NOT a contact for Medical Matters. Use 111 or your GP Surgery for that purpose.

Want to volunteer to help? Please call any of the above.


To be published in The Woldingham Magazine April 2020 issue

WebmasterCoronavirus – Woldingham is mobilising to help!