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We were hoping that following the November lock down we would be able to restore our walks programme. Sadly this was not to be and the imposition of the Tier 4 status on our area has unfortunately forced us to continue the suspension throughout December.

The Government Review of the 30th December extended the suspension. We have a walks programme planned for January and February. Clearly it is impossible to anticipate how our walking activities will be affected . ESW will recommence the programme as soon as we are permitted. You will be able to check the walks available via our website www.eastsurreywalkers.org.uk

Walking provides opportunities to view nature up close and occasionally the odd occurrence. Imagine the surprise of a small group of our walkers which came across a man attempting to shepherd a swan along a footpath. On enquiry the “swanherd”  explained that the swan was a female ( pen ) and had lived with her partner (cob)  on a nearby lake for a number of years. In recent times the couple had begun to argue and the pen reacted by “walking out”. She would set off at a significant swan walking /waddling pace. This had occurred on several occasions she uses the same route to leave the lake and chooses not to fly. It seems having made her point she reinforces it by apparently reluctantly returning to the lake guided by the kindly man. Harmony is restored in the short term until the next lovers tiff followed by another swan walk.

Perhaps we are not the only species that find a walk can help us to manage problems as well as providing physical fitness and pleasure?


Visit woldingham.com/walks for information on many walking routes and groups in our area.



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