Annual Woldingham Litterpick


Date & Time
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Woldingham Village Green

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On Sunday 22nd September the Annual Woldingham Parish Council Litterpick will take place. Meet at 10am on the Village Green. Litterpicking equipment will be provided as well as hot drinks and cake!

Please join us for this important village event – all ages very welcome.  There are many roads and areas of the village that are suitable for children to litterpick.  Adults without children also very welcome in order to make sure we can tackle more dangerous roads and also further afield areas (if some people can come in cars then we can litterpick areas such as the Garden Village and The Ridge!)

Let’s all work together to keep our village clean and tidy.

This year we are joining up with the global “Clean Up the World Campaign” which is one of the largest community based environmental programs in the world.  It has been running for 26 years and operates in 133 countries involving around 35milliion people.  Whilst our clean up of Woldingham might seem like a small community event it is amazing to be part of something so big with everyone working to inspire people across all continents to tread lightly, clean up and conserve the planet.

Did you know?  The first Monday of every month Looking After Woldingham’s Environment group (led by Ann Richardson and Annabel Collyer) hold a litterpick for any volunteers to turn up and join in the litter clean up effort (all equipment provided).  There is also a group meeting that evening at 7pm in the Village Club.  Please see their FaceBook page for more details “Looking After Woldingham’s Environment”. 

The group are working closely with the Parish Council and it is a fantastic support for us and the village to know  that litter on our local roads and in the heavily used areas such as The Crescent is being kept under control on a regular basis.

Please do join the litterpick on 22nd September and also the group on the first Monday of the month.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

The Parish Council and Looking After Woldingham’s Environment Group

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