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Deadline for February’s Volunteer Nominations: 5th February 2017

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations in January. Visit the Year of the Volunteer web page to see this month’s volunteers and information on how to continue nominating volunteers each month.

Your Monthly Nominations

The Administrators of the Website, the Magazine and the Facebook Group will review the nominations each month and select one who will be contacted and highlighted in each issue of the Magazine and online. All submitted nominations will be recorded and at the end of 2017 we will celebrate all volunteers nominated and compile a complete list of groups, projects and organizations which welcome volunteers and their contact details if appropriate.

Your nomination can be made by one of the following ways:

Phone: Julie Cornish on 652844
Post: Julie Cornish, Aboyne, Slines Oak Road, Woldingham CR3 7BH

Nominations must include your name, nominee and the reason why this person(s) should be considered.

Deadlines for Nominations

The 2017 monthly deadlines are chosen to meet the Magazine’s print deadlines:

5th February, 5th March, 2nd April, 1st May, 4th June, 31st July, 3rd September, 2nd October, 31st October

Please note: Your nominations can not include any of us listed below.

Thank you!

Tracey Syrett & Paul Flanagan – Facebook Administrators
Julie Cornish – Webmaster of
Diane Murry – Editor of The Woldingham Magazine


WebmasterSubmit Your Volunteer Nominations for February 2017