Gas Works Update – August 2019

Webmaster Roads & Transport

From: Becky Rush Surrey County Councillor Warlingham Division and Woldingham Parish Council

The Gas works continue apace – quite literally. Below is a short update so that everyone can understand progress and decisions made.

The excellent news is that the Station Road gas works are running considerably ahead of schedule – the major job of digging and inserting the new pipe (which incidentally is the diameter of a tumble dryer drum) is complete and gas is now running in the new pipe from the bottom of the hill all the way to Slines Oak.
To explain the set up there have been 2 totally independent teams working on Station Road:

– Team 1 has covered from Croft Rd to Slines Oak. That work is completed, the road reinstated and opened and the connections to houses done. This team has now moved onto Parkview.

– Team 2 were on the southern section of Station Road. At the time of print in July the status is that the pipe is completely inserted and the road will be fully reinstated in August. Only the connections to houses remain (not that this is a short job) and I expect to be well underway by the time you read this. We have discussed at great length the option of moving to traffic lights to manage the traffic once the road is fully reinstated so that station road can be reopend. I sincerely hope this has happened! GIven the fact the road closure is supposed to be in place until end November I think you would all agree that the gas team have been working hard to get ahead of schedule. Once team 2 complete this work they will relocate to Lunghurst.

The rest of the village broadly will not be done by dug trench, rather by inserting the pipe inside the existing. There will be road closures and house connections to do, but it will be less invasive.

Please continue to respect road closures; they are there fore everyone’s safety. Lets continue to work together to allow SGN to get on with the job.

Any questions please contact me:

WebmasterGas Works Update – August 2019