Gatwick Airport Revised Noise Complaints Handling Policy

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Gatwick Airport would like to share the latest information on their noise complaints handling policy at Gatwick:

Following the recommendation of the independent Annual Review 2016, Gatwick Airport has launched a revised aircraft noise complaints handling policy, found on the Gatwick website:–community/b_7_aircraft-noise/yla-complaints-handling-policy-2016.pdf

The aim of the policy is to shape our working practices and systems to ensure the timely acknowledgement of noise complaints and to provide responses which include sufficient information to understand the source of the issue, but also where appropriate, detail what action has been taken.   Our enhanced process and the use of our digital platform – Casper – will allow the consistent recording of all noise complaint data and the establishment and maintenance of a complete record of complaints received which is transparent to the community, regulator and other stakeholders.

How to make a noise complaint

The mechanism for registering noise complaints at Gatwick is through the online Casper system:

In circumstances where the complainant does not have access to the internet complaints can be made by letter via our FREEPOST address below:

South Terminal
Gatwick Airport
West Sussex

Complaints received by post will be entered into the Casper system by our staff, to maintain a single, uniform and transparent record of all complaints.


Community Engagement Team
7th Floor, Destinations Place


WebmasterGatwick Airport Revised Noise Complaints Handling Policy