Could a grant help your part of our community?

Webmaster Parish Council

Roundabouts at the playground, disabled access to the Glebe, the Church Fete, these are all examples of the ways Woldingham Parish Council has supported the local community through grants, the October Parish Council meeting is the annual issuing of funds and so we seek applications. The criteria is simple, it has to benefit the local community and priority is given to particular projects that benefit the widest number of residents or projects that help the most vulnerable. Grants in the past have been issued for as little as £60 and up to £1500.

Do you have a project we should support? If so, please write to , an application should give as much detail about the use of the funds and how it will benefit the community as possible, there is no defined format for the application. The deadline is Sunday 9th October 2016.

Applicants will be informed of the Parish Councils decision by the end of October.

WebmasterCould a grant help your part of our community?