Information on TDC’s updated version of the HELAA Appendix 8

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Please see the letter from TDC below that Keith Jecks received as your Ward councillor.

Message from Keith Jecks: From the perspective of Woldingham, the big issue is that the field in Green Belt next to Hurst Place has been proposed for 80-100 new houses. I, together with the Parish Council and the Woldingham Association, will be working closely together to ensure that the analysis of this site recognises its importance in meeting many of the original purposes of the Green Belt around Woldingham.

Dear Councillors,

We have now produced an updated version of the HELAA Appendix 8 (Additional sites for the 2017 HELAA). This document is available on the website at this link:…/emer…/technicalassessments.htm

and clearly marked as ‘Updated January 2017’ on the document title.

This document contains a list of the sites that have been submitted to the Council as potential new development sites between March 2016 and 30 December 2016. At this stage, it has not been possible to have carried out a full assessment of each site, but we felt it important to allow yourselves and residents an opportunity to view the sites that have been submitted and we are therefore intending to assess in more detail going forward. The document replaces the version of Appendix 8 which was on the website during the consultation period and carries through the sites from the original version of Appendix 8 from November. It has updated any of the basic details of those sites that we have subsequently become aware of.

This document does not update the content of the HELAA 2016 and does not provide an assessment of the sites. It is purely a list of the sites submitted, detailing the location, the site area and the potential yield. To assist in the use of this document, we have also included the map that was submitted by the agent/landowner for each site, to allow for context of the site. Please note that in some instances, personal information has been redacted from the submitted maps for the purposes of confidentially and this will be visible as a black square being shown on some maps.

As this document has not been released as part of a formal consultation stage, we will not be accepting comments on any of these sites. It is simply for information and transparency.

In terms of next stages, we will need to assess which of the sites can be deemed suitable, based on our HELAA methodology. Once determined, the suitable sites will be sent to consultants in order for them to carry out an update to the landscape and ecology capacity studies that have been carried out on sites already in the HELAA process. At this stage, we cannot be certain of a time frame for this. In the coming months we will also need to meet with agents/landowners of the sites we consider to be suitable in order to discuss any details of the sites and any constraints that exist to development.

As of yet, we are uncertain as to whether a further regulation 18 consultation will be required in order to consult on the additional sites received, particularly as we don’t know yet which would be at all suitable. However, based on the current timetable, as agreed by the Planning Policy Committee, we are looking to go out for a Regulation 19 consultation in Autumn of this year. We will therefore be publishing the updated (and new) evidence base documents on the website in time for the Regulation 19 consultation.

Best wishes
The Planning Policy Team

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