A Reminder to Keep Woldingham Tidy

Webmaster Parish Council

Overgrown hedges are still a problem. They block easy access for rubbish and recycling collection, deliveries and general passage on our roads. Please trim your hedges as soon as possible. The County Council can cut these back and send you the bill if you do not keep your hedges away from the road. And, of course, we want to keep Woldingham beautiful.

Dog fouling is also becoming a problem. Dog mess is offensive and a potential health risk. Dogs can shed vast numbers of Toxocara eggs each time they make a faecal deposit. These eggs can be ingested by humans who can become ill and sometimes lose their eyesight as a result. Children are most at risk. Increasingly, people are leaving their dog mess on public roads and paths and letting their dogs roam free and foul on public and private property. Please control your dog and carry poo bags to pick up the mess. Remember, the WPC organised for Tandridge to install dog poo bins on either end of Madeira Walk. Please keep Woldingham safe, tidy and healthy.

Cllr Deborah Sherry

WebmasterA Reminder to Keep Woldingham Tidy