2019 Edition of the List of Subscribers

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Subscribers will be receiving a copy of the 2019 edition of The List of Subscribers with January’s edition. Throughout this year, we all have been swamped by requests from organisations we have membership with, our banks and other financial providers, to even our places of worship and doctors , for our consent allowing these groups to hold our personal data. In turn, assurances are given that private data including our name, address, phone number amongst other data will not be “sold”, used, shared or manipulated without our knowledge and consent and that all safeguards will be taken to keep our data safe.

To comply with the new regulation, subscribers were provided consent forms to elect having all, some or none of their personal data to be printed within the List of Subscribers. It is only from completed consent forms that we are able to produce and print any individual information in this publication. If you are a subscriber and notice your name, address and/or phone is not included in the 2019 listing, it is because we did not receive your written consent. If you are in this position and would like to add your details to the 2020 listing, please contact Tony Porter for a consent form.

You can read our Privacy Statement in it’s entirety on our website: woldmag.co.uk

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