March’s Nominated Volunteers

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Thank you to everyone who has submitted nominations so far. We have selected another of the nominations which is highlighted here and in the April issue of the Magazine (page ii), out now. Every nomination submitted will be recorded and at the end of 2017 we will celebrate all the volunteers and compile a complete list of groups, projects and organisations which welcome volunteers and their contact details if appropriate.

Please continue to nominate volunteers, all information can be found on the Year of the Volunteer web page.

March’s Nominated Volunteers are:
The teams of ladies and gentlemen who keep St Paul’s and St Agatha’s Churches so beautifully clean and tidy, inside and out

The cleaning of our village churches is achieved by an organised monthly rota of volunteers and a big Spring Clean each March. As well as general cleaning tasks the volunteers polish the brass, clean the high stained-glass windows (including the use of ingenious dusters on bamboo sticks in the past!) and clean inside the tower. One ‘retired’ volunteer commented “… it has and I hope remains a joy to do and it is certainly wonderful to see the churches so well cared for.”

The many volunteers who have helped organise and keep St Paul’s Church beautiful include: Judie Tapley, Janine Battersby, Margaret Norris, Anne Hamilton, Jenny James, Judy Chapman-Fortune, Sheila Musk, Janet Tyler, Sue Keen, Rosemary & Alistair Pirie, Maureen Westmarland, Nancy Collard, Lois Atterton, Ros Barton, Joyce Knight, Marianne Osborne, Kate Gardener, Coral Burne, Beryl Pollak, Dawn Francis, Caroline & Clive Tucker, Barbara Tozer, Jill Ross, Berry Butler, Sarah Guild, Sarah McCoy, Alison Mead, Gwen Battersby and Tony Porter who looks after the lawns.

At St Agatha’s Church the cleaning rota and refreshing the flowers in the pulpit are ably managed by Pam Sykes, Sue Simpson and Sheila Harris, whilst Christopher Sykes tends and tidies the graveyard.

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