Neighbourhood Watch Report – April 2017

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(also available in the The Woldingham Magazine, April 2017, page i)

By the time you receive this, there should be a Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch website up and running.  Do have a look, lots of information and links to various bodies who offer help and advice on security, cold calling, fraud and cyber crime.  It has been set up by the Tandridge Steering Committee, the Secretary of which has been very busy getting in touch with Road Co-ordinators to obtain input to this website and offering further help and support.

Following on from the spate of crimes occurring in the village, it has been reported to me that there have been further identity thefts from residents.  These occur usually where there is a mailbox situated outside the property.  Credit cards, bank accounts and who knows what else are set up from a legitimate person and address.  When the cards are delivered, they are stolen from the mailbox.  The victim does not know that these false cards and accounts are even in existence until the bills roll in.  Please ensure that your mailbox is tamper-proof and best of all that mail is delivered directly to the house.

It has been reported in the last few days that drones have been spotted circling various houses.  I think that if you spot a drone filming your property, it is worth reporting it to the police on 101 and being extra vigilant with your home security.

Finally, the tarmac men are back!  If you are offered a cheap resurfacing of your drive, that is what you will get – a cheap and shoddy job.  I have heard that the tarmac used for these offers is the first load produced from the tarmac companies, before the temperature is up to the levels required for top grade tarmac, which is sold off to those who then offer cheap resurfacing of your drive.  Consequently you get what you pay for – poor quality tarmac that will not last.  

Trading Standards and the police always advise that such offers be declined.

Happy Easter.

Jane Torrance

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WebmasterNeighbourhood Watch Report – April 2017