Neighbourhood Watch Report – May 2017

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(also available in the The Woldingham Magazine, May 2017)

I would like to make an appeal – we have lost two coordinators and for our maximum coverage of the village, I would dearly like to replace them.  The areas that need a coordinator are the village end of Slines Oak Road and the lower end of Long Hill and Park Ley Road.

The “job” is not arduous – it is simply to pass on information to your patch.  I am sent information by the Police, Residents, Country Watch and Fraud Watch, plus a few other bodies, that I sort and send out to coordinators as appropriate.  The coordinators then pass this information, as they see fit, to their residents.  There is occasional liaison with me if there are criminal activities in the village but basically – that is it.

Woldingham is one of only two areas that can boast almost 100 percent coverage for Neighbourhood Watch – please let us try and keep it this way.  I know there has been a spate of crime in Woldingham recently, which being part of NW does not seem to have influenced, but it has served to make us all more vigilant.  The NW contact also informs of scams, cyber crime and nuisance phone calls – it is so important to maintain this flow of information, especially for our older residents who are usually the main target for this type of crime.

If you would be interested in taking on the role of a coordinator in the areas mentioned please contact me on:
653149 or

Neighbourhood Watch is what is says  – a way of keeping a neighbourly eye on our village and its people.

A moment to say a special thank you to all our coordinators who do such a sterling job – you are good people.

BT have been charged by the government to provide a service to filter unwanted calls.  This is over and above the TPS service, which does a similar job.  ThIS link will take you to the BT site to enrol:

Finally – in my last article, I mentioned but failed to provide the address of the new Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch website.  It is well worth keeping an eye out for it as it has lots of information, addresses and news:

Jane Torrance

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WebmasterNeighbourhood Watch Report – May 2017