November’s Nominated Volunteers

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Thank you to everyone who has submitted nominations over our 2017 Year of the Volunteer. We have had a wide range of responses covering many groups and individuals, some of whom also help charities that operate outside our village.

Most months during 2017 the volunteers we have highlighted have been limited to one group at a time, however those not highlighted were no less important. A complete listing of all nominations with contact details will be given in the January 2018 Woldingham Magazine. We also invite any newly formed volunteer groups to contact the magazine or website to add their details. In the spirit of continuing to promote volunteering we encourage any volunteers who want to be put in touch with a project not listed or if any village group is looking for more volunteers to get in touch, as we are always happy to spread the word through the magazine and online.

The following list celebrates the work of all the nominated volunteers who have not previously been acknowledged. In addition to named groups we received nominations for individuals, many of these individuals operate as part of a group and not wishing to leave anyone out we include them in the groups that follow:

Garden Village Residents Association
Helpers at Woodlea School
The Meridian Group
St Paul’s Church, PCC & Footsteps
Scout Hut Association
Village Hall Committee
Woldingam Pantomime
Woldingham Parish Council
Woldingham Wives
Fundraising events run in Woldingham for causes outside the village

We have already been informed of a number of new volunteer opportunities becoming available. Please look out for the announcement in the January 2018 issue of The Woldingham Magazine and here online.

For information on all the nominated volunteers throughout this year go to the Year of the Volunteer web page.

WebmasterNovember’s Nominated Volunteers