Neighbourhood Watch message – beware of bogus police officer

Webmaster Neighbourhood Watch


Important message from our Neighbourhood Watch:

I received a report today of residents on The Ridge answering their front door to a man who presented a Thames Valley Police badge and ID, and asking if he could come into their house for surveillance purposes.

The area he wished to survey was not actually visible from the house and the resident, who was one of our older residents, had the presence of mind to refuse admission and shut the door. She then contacted the police who put her in touch with Thames Valley Police who confirmed that there was such a policeman but would not verify that the man who had knocked on their door was actually that police officer or not!!!!!

I am going to make some further enquiries, but please be aware that there would appear to be a bogus police officer around. I am sorry not to be of more help, but if I can gain any further information, I will pass it on.


Jane Torrance

WebmasterNeighbourhood Watch message – beware of bogus police officer