The Glebe

Dogs on the Glebe

The Glebe Council has no wish to restrict the pleasure of dog owners using the Glebe to exercise their dogs but it is their DUTY to advise dog owners that they must respect the sensible Health and Safety rules which apply to public recreation grounds and  CLEAR UP AFTER YOUR DOGS!



Many young children from Woodlea School now regularly use the grounds for healthy sporting activities and the 123 Toddler Group make full use of the playing fields during the summer months, not to mention the many youngsters using the nursery play area designed for their use.

Woldingham residents are fully aware of the nasty diseases caused to children coming into contact with dog mess. Dog litter bins are provided and regularly emptied by Tandridge Council Environmental staff. Please clear up after your dogs and use the
facilities provided.

Jacqui RourkeThe Glebe