Good Neighbours Scheme & Volunteer Driving Scheme

Woldingham has been running a Good Neighbours Scheme and Volunteer Driving Scheme for many years.

Good Neighbours Scheme

Janet Tyler tel: 652264 email:

Over the years, a number of residents have volunteered to act as the contact in their road in case anyone needs help, for example an elderly person who may be unable to leave the house and may need some shopping, or someone to stay with a person in need whilst help is on the way.

The reality is that we are rarely called upon, but we don’t want people to struggle alone when there are those willing to help. If you are aware of a neighbour who is in difficulty and think they may need help please contact us.

How can you help?
The Good Neighbours Scheme wish to start a fresh list of names of local people who would be prepared to be a contact in their road (you may never be called upon or you may be the one to be there in that one difficult situation!). If you are willing to help please email or call Janet with your name, phone number and address.

Volunteer Driving Scheme

Judy Cable tel: 653051

The Volunteer Driving Scheme is intended for those occasions when you are unable to get yourself to a medical appointment, for example, or maybe to collect an urgent prescription. If you know of anyone in need of the car service please contact Judy Cable.

How can you help?
Are you willing to offer yourself (and car) as an occasional volunteer driver? If so please call Judy Cable. You would probably only be called upon a few times a year.

Woldingham Welcome Evening

The Welcome Evening is held in the village every 2-3 years. It is aimed at introducing newcomers as well as current residents and long standing locals to what Woldingham has to offer. Many local organisations and groups participate with displays and information. The last Welcome Evening was held in 2018.

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