Parish Council

Councillors’ responsibilities and their hopes & expectations

Keith Jecks
Road team for: Beulah Walk, Camp Road, Croft Road, Dukes Hill, Hilltop Walk, Park View Road, Station Road
I joined the Parish Council to help preserve and improve the special character of Woldingham. Subsequently it became clear that to do that, it was essential for the PC to have input to Tandridge District Council, and in May I was elected to be our District Councillor. With the development of the new 20-year Local Plan under way, this input has never been more vital in protecting the interests of Woldingham.

Matthew Quaife: Chairman, WPC
Road team for: Butlers Dene, Slines Oak Road, Southdown Road, Southfields Road
I became a Parish Councillor to help solve residents problems and to help bring together all generations of The Village as a community.

Becky Rush: Events
Road team for: Gangers Hill, High Drive, Marden Park, Northdown Road, Southview Road, The Crescent, the Green, The Wold, Tillingdown Lane, Ulstan Close, Upper Court Road
I’m passionate about bringing The Village together, making sure events and facilities are fit for purpose and about protecting this unique Village for future generations to enjoy.

Marc Sculthorpe: Planning
Road team for: Butterfly Walk, Chalkpit Lane, Church Road, Clare Court, Halliloo Valley Road, High Lane, Long Hill, Lunghurst Road, Nethern Court Road, Park Ley Road, The Ridge, Woldingham Road
With the Neighbourhood Plan adopted and as a trustee of the Glebe I hope to help implement some significant improvements to the village.

Deborah Sherry
Road team for: Butlers Dene, Slines Oak Road, Southdown Road, Southfields Road
To protect the community and The Greenbelt for us all. And to improve communication in The Village to help engender community spirit.

Michael Thurgood
I wanted to become a Parish Councillor to help maintain and protect the unique character of Woldingham and to make a difference to issues that mater to the local community.

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Terri Waghorn (Planning Assistant): moc.k1553361984ooltu1553361984o@cpm1553361984ahgni1553361984dlown1553361984rohga1553361984wt1553361984

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