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The Submission Plan

Tandridge Council has now published the Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan on its website.

All other related documents can be viewed and downloaded here:

> WNP1 Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan Submission Plan cover letter
> WNP2 Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan Submission Plan August 2015
> WNP3 Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement August 2015
> WNP4 Reg 14 Consultation Annex A representation with responses
> WNP5 Reg 14 Consultation Annex B representations by policy area with responses
> WNP6 Representations 123 124 126 and 129 on WNP Pre-sub
> WNP7 Representation 127 on WNP Pre-sub
> WNP8 Policy on Downsizing Consultation analysis and response August 2015
> WNP9 Submission Plan supporting evidence on Policy L4 downsizing August 2015
> WNP10 Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan Basic Statement August 2015
> WNP11 Decision Statement and Legal Compliance Checklist
> WNP12 Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan First Report August 2015
> WNP13 Woldingham Neighbourhood Plan Detailed Annex August 2014
> WNP14 Consultation Response Form

Pre-Submission Plan

> Pre-Submission Plan document
> Cover Letter from the Chairman of Woldingham Parish Council
> Pre-Submission Plan Reponse Form

Evidence Base

> List of Sources, version 1
> Extract from Woldingham Character Assessment

Residents’ Survey

> Residents’ Survey – blank form
> Woldingham Parish Council Newsletter Supplement – Residents Survey

Forum and Project Groups

> Invitation to Project Groups Forum
> Project Groups Meeting Schedule
> Project Groups Terms of Reference

Consultation on plot size and downsizing

> Results of the January 2015 Consultation

– Minimum Plot Size for Woldingham

> Briefing note from Piers Mason, Chief Planning Officer, Tandridge District Council
> Inspector’s comments on the 0.2ha requirement in Woldingham
> Policies on minimum plot size for Woldingham

– Downsizing in Woldingham

> DEMOS paper on housing for the elderly, 2013
> HLIN paper on housing for the elderly, 2014
> Supporting evidence on the downsizing need in Woldingham

Enquiry for Land

> Enquiry for Land letter

Steering Group

> Steering Group Terms of Reference

> Agenda, 16 July 2015
> Minutes, 16 July 2015
> Agenda, 18 June 2015
> Minutes, 18 June 2015
> Agenda, 14 May 2015
> Minutes, 14 May 2015
> Agenda, 9 April 2015
> Minutes, 9 April 2015
> Agenda, 12 March 2015
> Minutes, 12 March 2015
> Agenda, 19 February 2015
> Minutes, 19 February 2015
> Agenda, 8 January 2015
> Minutes, 8 January 2015
> Agenda, 11 December 2014
> Minutes, 11 December 2014
> Agenda, 13 November 2014
> Minutes, 13 November 2014
> Agenda, 9 October 2014
> Minutes, 9 October 2014
> Agenda, 11 September 2014
> Minutes, 11 September 2014
> Agenda, 14 August 2014
> Minutes, 14 August 2014
> Agenda, 10 July 2014
> Minutes, 10 July 2014
> Agenda, 12 June 2014
> Minutes, 12 June 2014

Drop-in Event, 12th July 2014

> SWOT responses (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
> Neighbourhood Plan Quiz sheet
> Answers to the Quiz

Initial Presentations and Documents

> WNP Project Timetable, February 2014
> Woldingham Magazine article, July 2013
> WNP Presentation at the Annual Parish Council Meeting, May 2013
> WNP Parish Map
> WNP Funding Bid, April 2013

Woldingham Parish Council Newsletters

> May 2014
> November 2013
> November 2013 Supplement – Residents Survey

Steering Group

> Steering Group Terms of Reference

The Steering Group Members were as follows;
Frank Myers (Chair), Woldingham Parish Council
Andrew Barton (Vice Chair), Woldingham Resident
Ian Mathers, Woldingham Parish Council
Alistair Pirie, Woldingham Parish Council
Clive Tucker, Woldingham Parish Council
David Chapman, Woldingham Resident
Julie Cornish, Woldingham Resident
Sue Edwards, Woldingham Resident
Julia Eziashi, Woldingham Resident
Ian Flanagan, Woldingham Resident
Peter Johnson, Woldingham Resident
David Shelley, Woldingham Resident
Terri Waghorn, (Secretary and Treasurer)

Archive News
– Update December 2014

Work on the Neighbourhood Plan has progressed without stop over the summer and autumn.

  • At our 2014 AGM in May we took the chance to gather more of your views on the village in order to inform the Plan.
  • We set up this web site to keep everyone up to date.
  • At our ‘drop in’ event, held in our ‘WNP Gazebo’ at the Village Hall in July, there was a further opportunity to contribute views (this time in the form of a SWOT analysis).
  • We established a Steering Group, which has met monthly since June. Four of the twelve places are occupied by councillors, and the eight others by residents from among those who took part in our project groups in the spring (their work was reported in the last Newsletter).
  • From July, we posted notices for an Enquiry for Land, to see what sites might be coming forward for development related to the Plan.
  • In July and August we were busy compiling a State of the Parish Report and an Evidence Base with the help of our consultants from AirS.
  • At the end of August we took these documents to an ‘invitation only’ Workshop involving senior Tandridge planning officers, local politicians, residents and representatives of village interests (The Village Hall, The Glebe, The Woldingham Association, The Woldingham Magazine, etc). It was pleasing that so many busy people made themselves available in August to help shape the future of the Village.
– Update November 2014

Since September 2014 the Plan has progressed to the writing stage, under the guidance of Neil Homer and Brendan O’Neill of AirS/rCOH, our planning consultants. However, the Pre-Submission Plan will not go out just yet, pending a consultation on plot size and downsizing. That will go out early in the New Year.

This website will carry a link to the consultation pages on Survey Monkey. Paper copies will also be sent to every household along with a Freepost reply envelope. We do hope as many residents as possible will complete a consultation response.

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