Year of the Volunteer – 2017

The Administrators of the Woldingham Facebook Group, the Woldingham Website and the Woldingham Magazine are pleased to announce 2017 as Woldingham’s Year of the Volunteer.

We know there are many individuals and groups within our community who contribute to our Village Life. For example some are involved in programmes such as the Good Neighbours Scheme, others offer their physical efforts to keep the Marden Park hedges neat and tidy while others take on specific Village projects such as raising funds to fix St. Agatha’s bell. Many of these ‘good deeds’ go without recognition. We hope to change that.

Your Monthly Nominations

As we are reaching the end of 2017 we are no longer receiving nominations. All submitted nominations have been recorded and at the end of 2017 we will celebrate all volunteers nominated and compile a complete list of groups, projects and organisations which welcome volunteers and their contact details if appropriate.

Thank you!

Tracey Syrett & Paul Flanagan – Facebook Administrators
Julie Cornish – Webmaster of
Diane Murry – Editor of The Woldingham Magazine

WebmasterYear of the Volunteer – 2017