Year of the Volunteer – 2017


Members from the Horticultural Society Responsible for the Bulb Plantings & The Station Garden

Begun by the late Arthur Battersby, with 6 large sacks of daffodils and the help of other society volunteers, they planted the bulbs on the frontage along side The North Downs Golf Club. Since then, this group of dedicated volunteers has, along with a contribution from the Parish Council, added to the display of daffodils on the frontage of The North Downs Golf Course as well as The Crescent. Annie Anderson (now Chair of the Society) and Sue Lowndes have expanded the spring time display with snowdrops on The Green. While the Stations Garden, complete with roses and other spring and summer plantings has been passed to the stewardship of the Robersons.

The key planting members include: The Battersbys, The Haines, Sam Whitley, The Lowndes, Annie Anderson, The Williams, and The Robersons.

Plantings take place in late September.  If you would like to take part in the planting daffodils along the frontages or snowdrops in The Green, please contact Annie Anderson on 652233.

WebmasterYear of the Volunteer – 2017