Parish Council News Update – March 2019

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SGN Gas works 2019 – ready to start

The long dreaded (but essential) SGN gas works are set to start in April. You will recall they were going to commence in January but myself, Keith Jecks (Tandridge District Councillor) and David Hodge (then Surrey County Councillor – I have taken over from him) persuaded SGN at the last minute to defer the start date to the Spring. The main reasons for this were to do with our winter weather, Station Rd being a priority 1 grit route, and the dangers of diverting traffic in the worst weather seasons of the year along less main roads. We also felt that the diversion routes and traffic management surrounding the road closures weren’t well thought through. The delay by 3 months allows work to start in better weather and be timed to minimise disruption to key village facilities like the school, additionally a better plan has been put in place for traffic management.

I set out below the updated details I have at the time of printing (7 March); I am working with SGN and Surrey CC to produce literature and a map which will be mailed to everyone to provide the information we all need.

What work will be done when?

8-22 April – work will be carried out at the Croft Rd/Station Rd junction enabling this work to be completed in the school Easter holidays, minimising disruption to the school traffic.

8 April onwards (estimated 20 weeks) Station Road will have a rolling road closure starting from the junction of Station Rd/Woldingham Rd and rolling up the hill over the 20 weeks. The road closure is a complete closure when approaching the village from the station; access to houses on this stretch of Station Rd will be via the village end. If you live on this section of Station Rd you will have to note that at some point during the process access to your house will switch to be from the Station end as the rolling road close moves up the hill.

After the work on Croft Rd junction is completed this section of work will start moving towards the junction with Slines Oak. 2 way lights will be used on this stretch. It is anticipated this will last 12 weeks.

Access to the station will be maintained along Woldingham Road throughout the gas works.

Diversion routes

The planned diversion route for vehicles is Woldingham Rd – Hallilloo Valley Rd – Slines Oak Rd – Limpsfield Rd – The Ridge – Northdown Rd.

I appreciate we see this as a long route. We did ask that Lunghurst Road might be made one way in acknowledgement of the fact that lots of local traffic is likely to use this as a quicker route into the village when traveling from Caterham. Unfortunately this is not going to be agreed by the police at this moment; we will monitor the situation.

I suspect there will be an increase of traffic along Lunghurst road – it is likely that over the course of the gas works verges on this road will be eroded; there is no precedence for utility companies to pay compensation to repair damage to roads used as an alternative diversion so my suggestion to residents of Lunghurst Road is to protect your verges with stones etc.

The HGV’s diversion will be from Wapses Lodge roundabout – A22 Godstone Rd – Hillbury Rd – Westhall Rd – The Green – Limpsfield Rd – The Ridge – Northdown Rd.

It is critical articulated lorries do not come down Woldingham Rd as they are prohibited from using Haliloo Valley road and there will be nowhere to turn round. There will be considerable signage about this but can I urge you to warn any delivery lorries you are expecting during these months and provide them with the official diversion route, it will just take 1 HGV to squeeze up Lunghurst Rd and we will be in grid lock!

SGN will continue to work with all local councillors – if you have any concerns do please contact us or SGN. They will also be able to provide you with any maps required that will show the extent of the works and the diversion routes.

I know there is a fair amount of resistance to this work and the inconvenience it will call, it is however essential – there are a number of properties in Woldingham that experience leaking gas issues and the last thing we want is for Woldingham to be wiped out in an explosion! This gas work will future proof the gas pipe for many many years to come.

I trust this information is helpful but please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Councillor Becky Rush – Woldingham PC/Surrey CC


We have previously updated in these pages about the CCTV the WPC has set up on Church Road, as you head up the hill from the station. This was organised inn response to the community concerns about the rise in car related crime on this road. I note that there is also CCTV in the station car park. The WPC is pleased to announce that the final stages of the project, including pruning of nearby tress, has been completed and the CCTV now has the full visibility intended and is fully operational. While we will be checking it regularly, please do let us know if the CCTV appears to be in need of any maintenance or repair. And certainly do let us know if you observe anything we should be aware of that we need to follow up on.

Councillor Deborah Sherry


This year’s APM will be on Friday evening, the 17th of May. We will be sharing details of the timing of the evening and the events shortly. We hope to hold an efficient meeting that will be followed by a social event for the village.

Councillor Deborah Sherry


Heathrow Future Flight Path Consultation – Becky Rush Surrey County Councillor for the Warlingham Division

Heathrow has recently consulted on its plans for future flight paths and the addition of a 3rd runway. At Surrey County Council I was provided with a briefing on this matter. Given our geographic distance from Heathrow I was surprised to learn that these changes have potential impacts to the North Tandridge area. I have written comments and an objection for the Warlingham Division which I submitted as well as meeting with Surrey Aviation experts to discuss my concerns for our area. My summary of issues is as follows:

In Summary

  • Please take the geographic contours of the area into account when determining design envelopes and the impact on communities – their documentation presents North Tandridge as a flat piece of land when in reality the Warlingham division is 800Ft+ above sea level (the level from which flight heights are measured from)
  • Present a complete picture of the ‘in combination’ impact – flights shown are Heathrow only but North Tandridge is impacted by Gatwick and Biggin Hill also
  • Extend the night time ban in acknowledgement that aircraft are flying at low altitudes over residents in order to land in an early slot well before the landing time you quote
  • Engage the area of North Tandridge in the consultation to allow residents a chance to comment – Heathrow claim to have consulted with all affected areas and yet we have had no communications in North Tandridge

If you google Heathrow consultation you can key your postcode into a tracker which will explain the changes that affect your postcode.

If you would like to see a copy of my letter to the Heathrow Consultation please contact me on

Councillor Becky Rush

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