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Community Infrastructure Levy

Seating area at The Crescent

Seating area, The Crescent

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) allows local authorities to raise monies from development for the provision of infrastructure in and around their areas or strategic cross boundary infrastructure projects where several local authorities contribute. A CIL charge is non-negotiable; however, there are exemptions for some types of development such as affordable housing, self-build, self-build extension or annex and charitable relief. Tandridge District Council adopted the CIL charge on 24th June 2014 and CIL came into effect from the 1st December 2014.

Northdown Road footpath 03

Northdown Road footpath

Regulations require Tandridge District Council to pass 25% of CIL receipts collected from developments in their areas directly to the Parish Council twice a year.  These funds can be spent on infrastructure or anything else that is concerned which address the demands that development places on an area and must be spent within 5 years.

Woldingham Parish Council has shown in the CIL Payments form has spent CIL monies on the footpath next to the Scout Hut, repair of a piece of road in Camp Road caused by building works, repairing Northdown’s Footpath and replacing the paving in front of the noticeboard in the Crescent.

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Garden Village Road Repair

Garden Village Road Repair

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