Planning Decisions – February 2019

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Application Outcomes notified by Tandridge District Council

2018/2473 Nutfield, Station Road, Woldingham CR3 7DD
erection of car port and new porch
WPC Recommendation: No Objection Application Outcome: Approved

2018/2245 Chalcombe Cottage, Slines Oak Road, Woldingham CR3 7HL
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of new two storey replacement dwelling.
WPC Recommendation: Objection Application Outcome: Refused

2018/2378 Primrose Cottage, Lunghurst Road, Woldingham CR3 7HE
Alterations to dormer at the rear of the dwelling house.
WPC Recommendation: no recommendation yet Application Outcome: Approved

Appeals lodged with Planning Inspectorate

2017/2400 Birchwood Lodge, Woldingham Road, Woldingham CR3 7LR
Demolition of existing kennel buildings. Erection of two dwellings. Objection
Application Outcome: Refused

Appeals determined by the Planning Inspectorate
No new determined appeals have been reported by Tandridge District Council

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – February 2019