Planning Decisions – February 2020

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2019/1381 Graylings, Camp Road, Woldingham CR3 7LH
Variation of condition No. 2 (Approved Plans) of planning permission: 2017/2412 dated 08/02/2018 to allow for various internal and external alterations (Demolition of existing building. Erection of dwelling, outbuilding and associated landscaping)
WPC Recommendation: No Objection Application Outcome: Approved

2019/1995 Heathdown, The Ridge, Woldingham CR3 7AL
Extensions and alterations to include basement pool, new triple garage with studio above kitchen utility and family spaces, patio area.
WPC Recommendation: No Objection Application Outcome: Refused

Appeals lodged with Planning Inspectorate

Atherfield, Park View Road, 2019/762 Feb 2020
Planning Inspectorate Reference APP/M3645/W/19/3243959
Appeal Type Written Representations
Planning Decision Refused
Appeal Decision Not yet determined

Appeals determined by the Planning Inspectorate
No new determined appeals have been reported by Tandridge District Council

WebmasterPlanning Decisions – February 2020