1st Woldingham Rainbow Unit – Update

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Rainbows are the youngest members of Girlguiding UK and, as from 12 September 2018, the 1st Woldingham Rainbow Unit is now being led by Anne Pilkington (Rainbow Owl) and Api Foster (Rainbow Fox). Anne does not live in Woldingham but Api and her family do. We continue to meet in the Scout and Guide Hut in The Crescent from 3.45 – 4.45 on a Wednesday afternoon during term time.

We are very excited to be able to take up the reins with this unit and move forward with the new programme that has just been launched. At our first meeting we had 12 very excited little girls keen to take part in lots of activities and we hope to be able to encourage them (and their parents) along to Woldingham Community events such as Harvest Festival and the Remembrance Day Parade – we will join the parade with other uniformed members and I have found a flag in the cupboard and it certainly has rainbow colours, but is not a proper flag. Perhaps we need to have a cake sale or something to buy a proper flag that says 1st Woldingham Rainbows!

To register a girl to join the 1st Woldingham Rainbows you need to log on to https://go.girlguiding.org.uk and follow the instructions for registering your interest. If you have a hobby or skill that you think might be of interest to girls in the 5-7 age group please get in touch with me on .

This term we are concentrating on learning a little about First Aid to gain a badge and doing a Mythical Mayhem Challenge!

Main Contact – Anne Pilkington 0208 657 2906

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