Recycling & Rubbish Collections for the holiday period

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Christmas and New Year collections

Recycling and rubbish collection days will change following the bank holidays over Christmas. Check your collection calendar for full details.
Garden waste collections will not take place in the weeks beginning 28 December and 4 January 2021. Please check your garden waste calendar for scheduled collections.

Extra recycling?

If you’ve got extra recycling this Christmas place it in clear plastic bags or in a cardboard box next to your blue lidded bin.

More rubbish?

If you can’t fit all your non-recycled rubbish in your council issued wheeled rubbish bin, you can put additional bagged rubbish next to your bin. This will only be collected on your first rubbish collection day after Christmas Day.

Recycling centres closed

The community recycling centres will be closed on 25-28 December and 1 January, check the website for opening times.

Be careful when throwing away face masks and disposable gloves

Disposable face masks and gloves should be put inside a carrier bag which is tied up and placed in your black wheeled rubbish bin.
If you are wearing a face mask and gloves when you are outside, please don’t drop them on the ground or put them in public bins. Not only is it littering and bad for the environment, but you may put someone at risk of catching the virus, even if you are not showing any symptoms.

Eight ways yule find it easy to go green this Christmas

Even though we’re under national restrictions, you can still do some of your Christmas shopping. Why not give a gift to the planet as well as your loved ones?
Here’s eight easy ways to go green and watch your waste this festive season:
  1. Avoid buying wrapping paper and cards which are glittery, lined with foil or plastic, or have batteries as these can’t be recycled.
  2. Try making your own wrapping paper. Watch this short film for tips and ideas.
  3. Make your own crackers and fill them with non-plastic toys so they can be recycled easily. 
  4. Choose a real Christmas tree. They can be taken to your local community recycling centre, or if you’re a Green Waste Club member, cut it up and put it in your brown wheeled bin for collection. . 
  5. Repair or re-wear festive jumpers rather than buying new.
  6. Upcycle items you might otherwise throw away and give as gifts.
  7. Buy presents and decorations from zero waste shops.
  8. Select energy-saving LED fairy lights and put any broken fairy lights in a tied carrier bag and leave it next to your green food caddy for collection.
For more information and festive tips visit and the Tandridge winter magazine.  

Recycling and rubbish collections in bad weather

Adverse weather conditions can severely affect our recycling and rubbish collections. We appreciate delays to the collection services are inconvenient and we will do our best to keep services running.
We undertake 73,000 collections each week and on a normal collection day, our collectors load around 110 tonnes of recycling and rubbish and 15 tonnes of food waste into the trucks, crossing roads and walking to and from properties about 400 times each day carrying food caddies and pushing wheeling bins. Trying to do this safely on a slippery pavement or footpath is risky and we have a duty of care to look after the collectors.
Please encourage friends and family who live in the district to sign up to this newsletter at to get the most up to date information about the collection service.
WebmasterRecycling & Rubbish Collections for the holiday period