Repairs to St. Paul’s Tower – commencing 16th September

Webmaster General News

On Monday 16th September, the repairs to the tower of St. Paul’s Church, funded by the Appeal to which many village residents and others donated so generously , will begin. 

Whilst the repairs are taking place, parking arrangements at St. Paul’s will be affected and there will be occasional interruptions to the signal from the Base Station. Details as we currently have them are given below and we shall continue to update you when possible through Facebook and the Village Website as well as in the Village Magazine as the work progresses. We hope that the repairs will be completed in time for Christmas.

Parking arrangements
From Monday 16th September, and up to just before Christmas, the Churchyard will become the Contractor’s compound and they will have their huts etc. on the grassed area outside the front of the Church Room. This will mean that, during weekdays, there will be no parking available for general Church or Church Room users in this area. If disabled access is required, or special situations arise, such as a funeral, the Contractor will make arrangements accordingly. Movable barriers will be placed across the two entrances from Croft Road but pedestrian access will still be available. On Sundays parking should be possible in the usual way. Peter Johnson & Christopher Roberts are liaising with the Contractors, PAYE Stonework & Restoration Ltd, for us on this work.

Mobile Phone Reception locally for Vodafone & O2 customers
During the course of the contract for the Tower repair works there will be times when the signal from the Base Station in the Tower will be interrupted and at other times the signal may have some background noise. The first such interruption of service is due to commence on Sept 30th for 4 or 5 days 8.00 a m – 8.00 p m on workdays only. Christopher Roberts hopes to be able to post details of the planned timings as the contract progresses. With our base station shut down users will still be able to receive a signal from other stations in the area as they did before ours was installed.

WebmasterRepairs to St. Paul’s Tower – commencing 16th September