Snow Clearance and Salt Spreading

Webmaster Parish Council

Woldingham Parish CouncilWinter will soon be with us bringing the chance of snow and ice on our roads. Last year was very mild and there was no requirement for our salt spreading contract to be used. This year may be different and if so we are ready with stocks of salt and a willing contractor in Church Farm Services. 

Please remember that any request for salt spreading or snow clearance on our roads from Woldingham residents must first go through the Parish Council, please email , in order that we can have a consistent approach and properly authorised expenditure. It is also important to remember that our roads are not very wide and if some cars are parked on the roadside rather than in your driveway the salt spreader which is quite wide may not be able to get through and the road may not be able to be cleared. This has been a problem in the past particularly on Butlers Dean Road. It should be remembered that salt spreading is usually done very early in the morning before most of us are up and about.

WebmasterSnow Clearance and Salt Spreading