Speeding in the Village: Help Needed

Webmaster Parish Council, Roads & Transport

Many concerns have been raised about speeding in the village. It was also one of the concerns raised when constructing our Neighbourhood Plan. Traffic calming measures on the road were very unpopular when we surveyed residents for the Neighbourhood Plan so your Parish Council has investigated all other measures it can take.

We have installed two Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) speed signs to alert drivers to speeding. We spoke to Surrey County Council about lowering the speed limit, but they have advised us that data shows this is ineffective. We also spoke to Surrey County Council about speed cameras, but our roads are too small to qualify for such funding (and their costs far exceed our annual budget).

Speedwatch teams needed

As a Parish Council, we can help by sponsoring a Neighbourhood Speedwatch. We used to deploy teams, but the initiative faltered as we lost volunteers. Speedwatch can be an effective way to discourage speeding.   Speedwatch reminds drivers as they are on the road, but also results in police reminders. A report of any speeding vehicles is sent to the police and offenders are sent a warning letter. Multiple offences result in a driver being put on a list for final action, and once on this list, the next action is a fine or penalty points, with any prior violations on record taken into account.

The Parish Council can provide the speed gun and organise training with the Police, who do both the vetting and the training. Speedwatch must be done in pairs, so we need at least 2 people to get started, but at least 10 to be effective. Your village needs volunteers!

It takes time to set up a Neighbourhood Speedwatch, particularly given the time between the vetting and the training process. Neighbourhood Speedwatch initiatives nationwide will be up and running safely once more by the time you read this (from 15th June), with distancing between pairs as long as needed. Please do not let the current viral crisis stop you from volunteering to help, as all efforts will be undertaken safely. If you are shielding, but wish you could volunteer, please let us know and we will contact you once it is truly deemed safe.

 We are inspired by the incredible outpouring of help in our village during the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s work together to keep our village safe in every way.

Contact the Parish Clerk to put your name forward –

Chairman Deborah Sherry

WebmasterSpeeding in the Village: Help Needed