Recycle Surrey’s New Search Tool

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The Recycle for Surrey website has a great online tool where you can type in any material and it will tell you how to dispose of it.

Here are their top 10 most popular searches:

To go in your blue lidded wheely bin:
1. Plastic bags
2. Plastic trays
3. Plastic tubs
4. Plastic bottle lids
5. Plastic bottles
6. Toothpaste tubes
7. Aerosol cans (empty)

To go in your black rubbish sack or bin:
8. Plastic film (cellophane)
9. Crisp packets

Take to your nearest community recycling centre:
10. Paint – gloss or oil based (full or partially full. This item is hazardous)

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> Information on our Community Recycling Centres

WebmasterRecycle Surrey’s New Search Tool