The Woldingham Code – a friendly reminder

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‘The Woldingham Code’ was set down some years ago to provide a friendly focus on some aspects of our lives in the Village that can impact on others. 

Watch your speed when driving through the Village and do, please, comply with speed limits.

Operate mowers, noisy garden equipment, chainsaws, concrete mixers etc in social hours and avoid Sundays if possible –particularly the afternoon.

Lop back overhanging trees and hedges so that people can walk two abreast on our pavements with safety.

Do not park on other people’s verges; do keep our Village neat and tidy and free from litter. Don’t let your dog foul the pavement.

Incinerate in your gardens with care and at times when others will not be affected by the smoke.

Noisy burglar alarms serve a purpose but please ensure that they comply with modern regulations and have an automatic cut off.

Guard your pets when out of doors and prevent them straying into neighbours gardens.

Horse riders do please keep to bridleways and off footpaths and, where possible, roads.

Advise neighbours when planning any outdoor party that is likely to be noisy and please don’t play loud music and let off fireworks late. Have fun around pools but do try to keep the noise level down.

Make sure that Woldingham continues to be a pleasant rural place to live in and take an active interest in Village affairs.


WebmasterThe Woldingham Code – a friendly reminder