We need your help to revise the Village Map

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Message from The Woldingham Magazine:

Our Distributors will soon be conducting our road-by-road survey checking for changes to our 2012 Jubilee Edition of The Village Map. Before we start on this extensive task, we would ask residents who know of house name changes, new properties or changes to other features on the Map to please let us know now. It does not matter how many times we are told, so long as someone does tell us!

You can send those detailed changes to a dedicated e-mail address of:

or if you prefer to write to us, please send your observations, and a sketch if appropriate, to :
Village Map 2017/8
c/o Farmdale,
Butlers Dene Road|

If you would like to help us with the cartographic side of the revision, we will be glad to hear from you. Our 2012 team of Chartered Surveyors have all now retired from active service!

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WebmasterWe need your help to revise the Village Map