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A Village Question

Over the past few months, news reports have focused on the devastating wild fires in Australia. The results of which, for some small villages like ours, has been catastrophic. For many of us watching these reports, we hope our close and extended family members as well as friends and former residents, who have made Australia home are fairing. It occurred to me that one of the kindest gestures Woldingham Village can make is Twinning with one of those small villages who have experienced this devastation.

If you think this is something we should, should not do, or need more information on, may I ask that you register your opinion. You can vote at the bottom of this page, on the The Woldingham Magazine web page or by dropping me a note to: Southdowns, The Green Woldingham CR37BA.

Voting and registering your comments and suggestions will be open until the 5th of March 2020. Results of this survey and selected comments, will be published in the March edition of The Woldingham Magazine and on this web page and I hope to address any comments and suggestions from your vote at that time.
Kind Regards,
Derek Harris
Chairman, The Woldingham Magazine

Thank you in advance for taking part in our survey. All entries will be anonymous and no data held on the participants.

This is also published as a letter to the Editor of The Woldingham Magazine, February 2020

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