Woldingham Parish Council – The Crescent Regeneration Project Update – June 2020

Webmaster Parish Council

Your Parish Council continues to drive improvements in the village. After the extensive surveys, working and focus groups that the Parish Council held when working on the Neighbourhood Plan, village centre improvement was identified as a key focus area for the community and thus for your Parish Council. The broad plans for upgrading the village centre encompassed the project known as the land behind the Crescent and included renovations to the gardens adjacent to the playground and Glebe, the pathways, the Scout Land and the Crescent area itself.

Councillors Becky Rush and Marc Sculthorpe drove the overall plan, in conjunction with a working party from the community, and The Glebe and The Scouts. The gardens and pathways behind the Crescent look beautiful. The Horticultural Society also contributed effort and plants to the area and the Scouts did a fabulous job with the land around the Scout Hut, funded by the Council.

The Crescent area is now the work in process. Janine Battersby and Jennifer King have been working for the Council and the Community since 2017 to deliver the Crescent Regeneration plans and the renovations on the Crescent area itself. We owe them thanks for all their hard work.

The Crescent regeneration work is comprised of three core projects and we are delighted to share the renovations that have been completed and the remaining works in progress.

Crescent Project 1: Woodworks and community use property (now complete)

BT was contacted and reinstated the fencing that had been blown down in the storms.

The Parish Council Noticeboard was removed, repaired, treated and reinstated. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the WPC noticeboard is being used by #viralkindnessWoldingham. The two benches in front of the noticeboard and Richard Butcher’s memorial bench have been stripped back, repaired and oiled; the tree beside it is being cut back to allow the roses to flourish. The paving in front of the noticeboard has been made safe by relaying the paving slabs. The bike stands near the noticeboard have been dug out and cleaned up. The area is now very inviting.

The Parish Council would like to thank Janine Battersby for all her hard work driving the project.

Project 2: Paving Repairs (in process)

The paving along The Crescent will be repaired where needed to ensure there are no trip factors. Remus Construction will be approached to ask them to contribute to the costs, given they did some of the improper repairs when they ran services to Nos 1 & 2 The Crescent. They repaired with tar macadam rather than the original surface materials, which we will make good.

Project 3: Post Upgrades (in process)

The rotten posts along the grass will be replaced.

We are pleased to ensure that Woldingham’s centre reflects its overall beauty. Please let the Council know if you have other suggestions for The Crescent by contacting us at . We would also be delighted to consider additional projects.

WebmasterWoldingham Parish Council – The Crescent Regeneration Project Update – June 2020