Woldingham Parish Council – Update August 2019

Webmaster Parish Council

The Woldingham Parish Council, like the world around us, is ever changing. The past year or so has seen some Councillors stand down; some due to time constraints, some because they moved out of the Village and in one case because a Councillor moved off the continent! It has of course also seen another Parish Councillor take on wider responsibility. We now have our both our Surrey County Councillor, Becky Rush, and our Tandridge District Councillor, Keith Jecks, also sitting on the Parish Council. We are grateful for all of their hard work on behalf of the village and their wider constituencies. 

We are indeed also grateful to the new spate of Councillors who have stepped forward. We have ever increasing diversity on the Council – of age, gender and vocation. We are told we are believed to be the youngest Parish Council in the country. Over the past few months we have welcomed Rebecca Fuller in July and Peter Holbrook and Alex Standen in May. Their respective Bios follow.  We currently have eight Parish Councillors out of a possible nine official Parish Council seats in the village. So, we still have one vacancy. If you are interested in joining us, please email our Clerk at karenwoldinghampc@outlook.com
As we come out of the summer period and into a busy year, I would like to note the busy year we have had, addressing safety and security and village improvements. As the current village improvements projects come to completion, the projects and issues the WPC continues to track and influence are the Chalkpit quarry activities, the Biggin Hill airspace consultation, the Open Spaces consultation, the village gas mains improvement works and the private status of Croft Road.  We are also reviewing the Neighbourhood Plan to ascertain what other projects, if any, must be undertaken pursuant to the plan. Of course, the ongoing review of planning applications and support of litter picking in the village and other village events continues.

We are lucky to have such a vibrant and engaged village. I note that the number of events this summer has meant a plethora of leisure choices for everyone, right here in our own village, sometimes with multiple options each day from wide and varied village organisations and clubs. Even as we constantly cry out for more Councillors, we have both a deeply engaged Woldingham Association and an active Parish Council working to protect and improve our village. And that, even as the news in April ahead of last May’s elections for some Parish Councils, was decrying the demise of far too many Parish Councils due to lack of volunteers. Your Parish Council salutes all volunteers that keep our village clean, safe, blooming, painted, tasted and acted.

Chairman Deborah Sherry, Woldingham Parish Council

WebmasterWoldingham Parish Council – Update August 2019